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Here is that page we see on more and more web sites. This is an explanation of what goes on behind the scenes, so to speak. If you have any questions use the contact button on the nav bar to contact us so we can give you an answer.
Your privacy is very important to you and to me. I do receive some information about you on Partyideasparade.com and this will explain exactly what that is. And I also want you to know I do not share this information with anyone. Personally I do not like to get junk mail, I do not like spammers and I do not expect to get 20 emails when I sign up for a newsletter. I will not use any of those underhanded methods to contact you. I will send party ideas newsletter to those who sign up. The newsletter will be sent on once a month and perhaps once in between if there is some incredible deal I think you would like to know about. But as the mother of four children, it will have to be an incredible deal...not just any old party thing on sale!

Partyideasparade.com is a Mom run web site and I try to run it using the highest standards of decency, integrity and fairness in all ways. I give to you what I hope to get in my daily life...respect and honesty. I will protect my visitors, readers and customers privacy rights. Partyideasparade.com isn't a corporation or a conglomerate. It is a one woman web site and I am personally involved with every single aspect of it. So, I take all compliments and criticisms personally! This site is my empty nest baby...and I hope that feeling comes across on each and every page.

Partyideasparade.com gets your personal information ONLY when you give it to me. There is a mailing list for our party ideas newsletter and I sometimes get some information via emails that are directed to me from readers who have a question. I do not save or sell any of these email addresses..or names, phone numbers, addresses, if you have included them.. If you are on the newsletter list that is where you stay. If you send me an email I delete the info when I have responded to you. I hope that makes you feel safe.

This information is collected if you request information from us, participate in a contest or sweepstakes, and sign up to join our email list or request some other service or information from us. The information collected is internally reviewed, used to improve the content of our web site, notify our visitors of updates, and respond to visitor inquiries.

I do keep the newsletter subscriber info in the newsletter send out email storage center. This way you are sure to get your party ideas and info on time. I do not see that information on a regular basis if at all. I do not sell it to anyone. If you order products via my site the information passes by me and goes directly to the affiliate sales company you are buying directly from.

We do use cookies...I also eat cookies...they are one of my favorite desserts.

Of course the cookies we use are not the kind you eat. These cookies come from your computer to our system so we recognize you. It lets us know you have been here before. If you don't want these cookies you have to change the settings on your Web browser.

Web Beacons sound like a light house to me...but they are image files that are used to track your route when you visit a web site or several sites.

My site uses affiliate sales to earn some money. I sell products that someone else makes and delivers. The cookies and Web beacons help these companies to track your route through my site to theirs so I get the credit. The information is not used for anything but this. I do not get the information you give them and they do not get the information you may give to me. I use a couple major party supply sites and Google to make some money while I am also able to give lots of fun party ideas for free. I try to supply my visitors with cheap or free party ideas...whether it make it yourself items or a money savings tip like how to decorate a birthday cake yourself to save a fortune. If you don't like the idea of cookies and Web browsers you have to change your settings. Nothing on my site controls those functions...you do.

Privacy Protection Act For Children Online

Our site tells adults how to plan and host children's parties. Our visitors are over the age of 18 and if they are not, we do not collect any information about them. I operate this site in accordance with the Children's Privacy Protection Act. No one under the age of 13 will be allowed to give us any personal information about themselves.

If you have ever given Partyideasparade.com information and would like it deleted, please use the contact tab on our nav bar to let me know. I will do my best to delete the information for you.

This policy is not set in stone and I will change it as I feel the need to. I will let you know on this page any changes I have made. I will take your use of my site as your acceptance of any policies we have posted here.

I thank you for visiting and invite you to come back often to see the latest kids party supplies and ideas. And I also invite you to submit your party ideas to me so together we can share them with everyone else!

The Mom behind the site,


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