Printable Easter Games For Your Easter Party Ideas

Get Printable Easter Games for your Easter Party Ideas. Any kids party starts with fun games...after all, games put the fun in any party. There are a lot of other ingredients to add when you are planning a kids party but games are a very important part. Plan a Pin the Tail on the Bunny, an Easter Egg Hunt with clues, a Bunny Hop Contest...that's a great beginning. I found some Easter games to print and play!...trivia, Mad Libs and word search games you can print out and give to your party guests. Let them enjoy these fun printables along with the other fun party games you have planned for them.

Easter Printables: Easter Games bargain BUN-dle

What Printable Games Are In The Easter Pack?

There are ten printable games in this Easter game pack. The names are:

  • Christian -- Easter Bible Trivia I and II
  • Easter Bible characters match game
  • Bible Easter scavenger hunt
  • Easter According to Peter left-right gift exchange game
  • trivia -- multiple choice Easter trivia I and II
  • Famous Bunnies trivia party games
  • A Bunny Tail Tale gift left-right exchange game
  • Easter egg scavenger hunt game
They sound great, don't they? That's because they are. This is a fun pack and it will be perfect for that kids Easter party or for your family Easter dinner. Surprise all your guests with these fun party games.

You can buy the pack or you can buy just one decide how many you will need and how many you print.

Find more fun party ideas and games on our Easter Party Ideas Page.

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