Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable Baby Shower Games Are Fun For Everyone At The Party. Get Some Fun Games Like Baby Shower Mad Libs, Baby Bingo Or A Right Left Baby Game!

I love to play games at a baby shower. I think that games and guests are what make the party great. Of course the guests are most important, but second is the entertainment...the games. These printable shower games make it very easy to supply game after game to your party guests. Don't forget the game prizes!

Baby Shower Sketch-A-Guest

Who Am I? Baby Shower Survey

The Deluxe Baby Party Games Collection

The Sketch A Guest looks mighty interesting, don't you think? I'd like to see the results for that one...not all that many people can draw so I am sure there would be some very funny art work when everyone plays that game!

Baby Shower Bingo Games

Baby Shower Bingo Games are always fun. Usually people will mark off baby gifts as they are opened...but there are several versions of this game that sound like fun. Bingo is easy to play and the rules are very simple. You don't want to play games that are too confusing for everyone to pick up on. Easy, Simple, Fun Games are the key...and lots of fun game prizes! I know I like to win a prize...I'll bet you do too!

Spanish Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo

These are just two examples of the fun bingo games you can find. Just click on any picture to enter into a printable game catalog where you can find just about any kind of printable games you want. Kids, Trivia, Jumbles, Holiday, Bible and Christian games...Bridal and Wedding fun, go ahead and take a look!

More Fun Printable Baby Shower Games

Don't worry...we are no where near the end of game ideas for a baby shower. People are talking about baby shower Mad Libs, another of the printable baby shower games. Have you seen them? These are funny games where you fill in the blanks and make crazy sentences. It's fun and you never know what's going to come out of someone's mouth. Check out Mad Libs Baby Shower Fun and Nursery Rhymes Mad Libs...both sound just right for a baby shower. These are two very popular baby shower Mad Libs games to play.

Baby Shower Mad Lib Fun

Mad Lib Nursery Rhymes

Baby Shower Mad Libs are quite popular and they are always fun...take a good look at these printable shower games.

Other Shower Games

Not all fun at a shower comes from printable baby shower games...not all, but most. There are game kits you can buy or assemble yourself that will have your shower guests laughing the entire party. Here are a couple that have to do with baby diapers...and we all know what goes into them, don't we!

Blue Dirty Diaper Game - Baby Shower Game - 10 diapers

Blue Dirty Diaper Game - Baby Shower Game - 10 diapers

This dirty diaper game comes in blue and pink or in a mixed color pack. It's loaded with fun and laughs...among other things. This is one of the most popular party games for a baby shower that I know of.

THESE GAMES STINK! Yeah, they are stinking funny! Check out this funny baby shower's getting hard to pick out which one you should get, isn't it? Well, this one should stay on the list til the more about it.

Sweet Mess Baby Shower Game - (4 candy bars & diapers/24 player sheets)

Sweet Mess Baby Shower Game - (4 candy bars & diapers/24 player sheets)

Baby Shower Drinking Game

Who Ever Heard Of A Drinking Game At A Baby Shower? Well, now you have and you can let all your guest know about this hysterical drinking game. It's the perfect game to share at your party!

Bottles Up! A 6-Pack of Baby Bottles - Coed Baby Shower Game - 6 Baby Bottles

Bottles Up! A 6-Pack of Baby Bottles - Coed Baby Shower Game - 6 Baby Bottles

As you can see not all the games on this page are printable baby shower games...but there are a lot of them. And they are really cheap if you buy the big bundle. Last time I looked it was just under twenty dollars...19.?? and change. It's worth every penny. Read about the games you get with it and I think you will you get about 75 different shower games. How can you go wrong?

Make sure you include shower games in your party planning. It's fun and makes everyone lighten up and have a good time. Pick up some inexpensive game those Cute Rubber Duckies. Yes, I like the Rubber Duckies but you can find lots more ideas at the OTC. Click on the link about the ducks to find out where you can find some fun, cheap baby shower game prizes. Ladies like votive candles, candy, it's a boy or it's a girl playing cards, blue or pink candy cigars...yes, they make great baby shower game foot cookie cutters, you can even find some personalized gift ideas. So be sure to check it out. And make sure to look at the big bundle of printable baby shower games, including the baby shower mad libs and bingos.

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