Birthday Princess Party Ideas

Here are some Princess party ideas. How many girls do you know who would love a Birthday Princess Party? Every little girl dreams of being a real princess, so why not thrill your little Princess by giving her a royal birthday princess party!

Disney Princess Game

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Disney Princess Sticker

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Cinderella Beverage Napkins

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Fairy Princesses Personalized Banner

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It's an easy party theme and there are lots of decoration ideas for you to pick from.

Do you want your party theme to be based on one princess: Cinderella, Barbie, Ariel or do you want to use all the princesses as your party theme? Which ever birthday princess party idea you choose you will have lots of party decorations and supplies to choose from.

What kind of party can you build around princess party ideas?

It's really easy to choose your daughters favorite princess and use that as your party theme. You can decorate in pinks and pastels using party balloons and streamers to brighten up the party room. You can buy party plates and cups in a princess pattern. Find some games for the girls to enjoy and you can buy some little "princess related favor or toys" to put into a party goody bag. Get a fun party game or two and your almost done!

Birthday Princess Party Ideas

Birthday Princess Party Ideas

  • Barbie Princess Party

  • Ariel, the little mermaid Princess Party
  • Cinderella Princess Party
  • The Disney Princesses Party

A Birthday Princess Party is a great idea for a birthday, but it can be used at any kind of party for little girls. You can also have a birthday princess sleepover party!

Birthday Princess Party Invitation Ideas

Make sure to send each guest a birthday princess party invitation!

This is such an easy party theme. You can get princess party invitations every where. You can buy them here, at Party Ideas Parade, or at your local store. You can also email invitations via

I don't mind getting an email party invitation (I don't mind getting any party invitation!! LOL) Some people, however, are not used to the new technology and some people may not have a computer. So you may have to use both snail mail and email to contact your party guests.

Princess Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Great party favor ideas for a little girl's birthday princess party are:

  • Princess crowns

  • Princess wands
  • Princess coloring pages and crayons
  • princess dolls

Princess Party Decorating Ideas

Princess Party Decorating Ideas are so easy to find!

I think latex party balloons are one of the best ways to help save decorating money when your having a party. Party balloons are cheap party decorating supplies and balloons just yell party and fun don't they. Latex party balloons are an inexpensive way to make your home, your backyard or the hall you have rented look great!

What I like to do with balloons is fill them with helium and tie a long string on to each balloon. I let them go when I get them into the house and just let them float on their own. It makes the room look festive, and the balloons are always moving so the "decor" changes. Of course, this doesn't work with an out door party, so tie the balloons to something out there!

Mylar party balloons will have a picture of the princess you have chosen, or you can buy some with pictures of different princesses on them. Buy some latex balloons too. What I like to do with balloons is fill them with helium and tie a long string on to each balloon. I let them go when I get them into the house and just let them float on their own. It makes the room look festive, and the balloons are always moving so the "decor" changes.

Pictures of your princess will be easy to find, you can even print some off your computer. You can make frames for the princess pictures out of construction paper and hang them about the room. Hang them all over! Easy and cheap party decorating!

Birthday Princess Party Centerpieces

If your having a bigger shindig and need party centerpiece ideas here is a cheap party centerpiece idea for you. Get 3 latex balloons filled with helium and tie a long string to them.
You will need a balloon weight for this centerpiece idea but you don't have to buy one.

Here is how to make a balloon weight for a party centerpiece.

You can still have a cheap party today, but when I say cheap, I do mean inexpensive, not crummy. You can find easy decorating tips and party recipes to make a lot of the food yourself. You can find cake toppers and balloon weight How to Make it yourself articles to help cut costs where you can. You can find some inexpensive party supplies and party decorations and with a little effort and planning you can have a great, but cheap, party.

Princess party ideas will make your daughter feel like the little princess that she is!

Birthday Princess Cake Ideas

No Princess Party Ideas page would be complete without talking about a Princess Cake!

I am a big fan of making your own birthday party cake. It is much cheaper to make and decorate a cake yourself.

I know, you are thinking that you cannot make and decorate a birthday cake...but YOU CAN

You can turn any sheet cake, round cake or cupcake into a beautiful decorated cake in no time at all. Did you know you can actually make a princess doll cake? These cakes are very easy to make so check out the article How to make a Princess Cake to find out what you need to make one of your very own. Your daughter will flip when she sees the cake you've made for her!

Another favorite cake for a Princess party is a castle cake! You can make this with a sheet cake and the help of some ice cream cones! This is a Princess party ideas favorite cake for a girl's party.

You must think I'm a cake decorator...but I'm not. I use plastic toy cake toppers, or edible cake toppers to make my cakes look like a professional decorated them. But it was just ME!

Birthday Princess Party Gift Ideas

Birthday Princess Party Ideas For Gifts

What your special birthday princess party girl wants for a birthday present depends on her age. Your Little birthday princess would like:

  • pajamas with a princess design
  • a game with the princess
  • bedding with the princess
  • a princess doll
  • A princess blanket or sleeping bag
Older birthday party princess girls would like:
  • a watch with a princess on the dial or strap
  • a princess doll
  • a princess pocketbook or backpack
  • A princess mirror set
  • A princess bedspread or sheet set
  • A princess sleeping bag

How About Some Birthday Princess Party Game Ideas

How About Some Birthday Princess Party Ideas For Games

To get more game information to to Fun Party Games!

Here are some entertainment ideas for your birthday princess party:

  • You can let the girls play with hair and make up.
  • You can get some "fancy clothes or costumes" and let the girls play dress up like a princess.
  • Limbo is a great party game
  • Ring Toss
  • Twister
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt Find the royal jewels!

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