You Can Make A Princess Castle Birthday Cake

You can make a Princess Castle birthday cake and learn some great castle cake decorating tips that you can use to make other beautiful homemade cakes. Now all you need are some Princess Party Ideas to make your daughter's birthday perfect!

The perfect cake for a princess is...A Castle Cake...and now you can get instructions on how to make one. It's easy and fun. The first thing you have to do is make sure you have all the ingredients to make this Royal Palace.

Make sure to double check what you need. The worst thing when you begin to mix up a recipe, be almost done and find out you are missing an important ingredient!

Shopping List

What you need to make a Princess Castle Birthday Cake:

  • 8" square cake pans (You need 4 square cake layers to make the cake)
  • Serrated knife (You have to cut the cake layers in half

  • Cutting board (If you have one)

  • Spatula (To spread the frosting)

  • Serving platter or a cake board (To put your cake on...a pedestal works great!)

  • Frosting/pastry bags (For the icing)

  • Pink sugar (To dip ice cream cones)

  • White sugar cubes

  • Cone-shaped sugar ice cream cones

  • Decorating candy (Interesting colors and shapes)

  • Wafers (To make doors and windows)

  • Cake would be great if they were white, tall candles.

How to make a castle cake

To bake your cake you can use a box cake mix or whip own your own family recipe.

Wait until your family and party guests see this magnificent cake...and wait until you tell them "I baked this Castle Cake and decorated it too!

Did you know there are also castle cake pans. Bake your cake, it comes out the shape you want and then you can just decorate it.

There are so many party themes you can use a castle cake for and here are some of them.

Castle Cake Ideas:
  • Hogwarts
  • Princess
  • Fairy Tale
  • Cinderella
  • Disney
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