Prince of Persia Costumes for Halloween

Prince of Persia Costumes for Halloween are a wonderful costume idea for adults and for kids. This new movie has given us so many exotic clothing ideas to dress up in. Prince Hassansin and Princess Tamina outfits come in adult sizes for men and women. Take a look at these beautiful costumes and choose your favorite. Click on any picture to find out more information on any of these disguises.

These first three include:

  • Deluxe Hassansin
  • Tamina Sassy
  • Tamina Deluxe

Here are some pictures of kids Prince of Persia Costume ideas. Look at:

  • Tamina Child Costume
  • Dastan Child Costume
  • Sands of Time Amulet

More Prince of Persia Disguises

Go on a Quest this Halloween with The Prince of Persia

Boys and girls of all ages would be thrilled to delight in a night of masquerading as the popular movie characters Dastan and Tamina from The Prince of Persia. This dynamic prince and princess duo would be a perfect costume idea for several reasons. Here’s why:

- Princess costumes are always popular, but Tamina is a more unique spin on the traditional fairytale girl

- Prince Dastan takes the ordinary prince costume up a notch as a warrior prince

- Both costumes are easy to purchase on-line

- Great idea for those with a son and daughter close in age; keeping the theme a family affair

- Princess Tamina showcases the spunky side of a princess going on a quest for the Dagger

- Prince Dastan shows a macho and sensitive side in his character

- Accessorizing with the Dagger and a sword are fun, kid-approved extras

- Princess Tamina’s costume includes a white tunic providing ease in movement for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating

- Prince Dastan’s ensemble identifies his importance with bold embellishments of sashes, emblems and harem pants along with boot covers to complete the total look

- Becoming Princess Tamina will make any girl feel like an exotic, unique princess from a far away land

- Transforming into Prince Dastan turns any boy into a bold, adventurous warrior with a heart for the truth

Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina

Who are Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina from the movie The Prince of Persia?

- Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina are the main characters in The Prince of Persia

- Prince Dastan was an orphan and adopted by the King

- Dastan attacks Tamina’s city acquiring the coveted Dagger

- Tamina is captured and taken along on a quest with Dastan

- Dastan unknowingly is responsible for the death of his father with the presentation of a poisoned robe

- Nizam is the villain seeking the Dagger to use along with the Sands of Time to reverse time and become king

- Romance blossoms between Dastan and Tamina during this journey of internal and external discovery

- After the defeat of Nazim, Dastan uses acquired knowledge to make things right when time is reversed back to his obtainment of the Dagger

- Dastan is characterized as an adventurous, brave and street smart prince

- Tamina is not an ordinary meek princess

- Movie highlights good versus evil with a twist of emerging love all intertwined in plots and battles

Costume Accessories for the Prince of Persia

Find the perfect costume accessories for your Prince of Persia costume. Our ideas include:

  • Dastan's Sword
  • Dastan's Boot Covers
  • Dastan's Gauntlets

There are a few more accessories you should take a look at and they include:
  • The Dagger of Time
  • Adult size Tiara
  • Prince of Persia Headdress in Adult

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