Pranks, Gags And Gifts Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Pranks, Gags and Gifts are always fun at a birthday party. These timeless and funny gag gift ideas will have everyone laughing and having a good time.

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There are some great ideas for the Over The Hill Birthday Party Themes. You know, 30, 40, 50 and older...even though we really know these ages are no where near over the does make for a fun adult party theme.

Let's see what fun gags and pranks we can come up with!

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Of course, there are all kinds of funny ideas to use as a gag gift or a prank. The beads, the giant pill box, the car magnets, the safety vest or the over the hill potty light...will have your party guests and the birthday star in stiches! The oldest and funniest idea is the walker decorated in birthday style...usually with a loud horn for the old geeser!

Toilet Monster

It's very funny to watch everyone at the party while the birthday boy or girl is opening up these gag gifts. Make a video so you can capture the fun on film. Listen to the funny comments and jokes everyone starts telling. It is as funny as can be.

Here are a couple fun stores where you can find lots of very funny pranks, gags and gift ideas for the entire family.

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