Pokemon Party Supplies

Get Pokemon Party Supplies And Plan A Fun Pokemon Celebration.

Any Pokemon fan will love these party supplies. Find everything you need to host a fun kids birthday feast.

These are new a new party supplies theme and it's a very popular theme for many kids. Here's a pack that chock full of plates, cups, napkins and decorations all with a Pokemon theme and it has enought supplies for up to 8 party guests.

Pokemon Black and White Deluxe Party Pack for 8 & 8 Favor Boxes

Now that's a great asset to anyone who wants to use Pokemon as their party's theme. And that's just the beginning. You can find everything you will need but the food right on this page.

Let everyone know they are in the right place with this personalized party banner. Put your child's picture and name on this banner, then hang it up and let the party begin.

Pokemon Party Stand Ups

Add some Pokemon Wall Decals and one or two of the Pokemon party Stand Ups available for you to decorate your party room. Watch the look of amazement on the faces of your young guests when they see all these party decorations.

Pokemon Black and White StandupPokemon Standup

Want to see the decals too? I love to look at pictures of the party supplies I am considering buying. I get all kinds of great party ideas when I am looking at pictures. Here are pics of the two different packs of party decals available with this theme. They are the Pokemon Legendary Characters Giant Wall Decals and the Pokemon Black And White Decals.

Pokemon Black and White Legendary Characters Giant Wall DecalsPokemon Black and White Giant Wall Decals

Pokemon Party Favors

Choose from two different style party favor boxes. One is a Pokemon party favor box and one is the Pokemon Black and White favor box. Take a look at the two boxes, compare what's in them and pick the one that's best for your party theme.

Pokemon Black and White Favor BoxPokemon Party Favor Box

What a great party theme this is. You have so many different choices of party supplies, most themes don't have this many accessories to choose from.

Pokemon Game Prizes Or Party Favors

There are more party favor ideas that come with this Pokemon party theme. You can get these favor ideas to use as favors or as game prizes to hand out to your guests. Everyone loves to get a great prize after playing a game and these are some fun ideas.

Pokemon Poke Ball Cup (1)Pokemon Twist and Flip Watch (1)

Any of the kids at your party would be thrilled to get a Pokemon Poke Ball Cup or a Twist and Flip Watch. And who could blame them? They are great prizes or favors if that's how you decide to use them. There are more ideas coming...I told you there were lots of different choices with these Pokemon party supplies! These stickers will be very popular with kids, after all, kids love to play with stickers. There's a Pokemon Black and White Trucker Hat that will thrill your guests too. I know it's hard to pick just one of these party favor ideas, they are all so cool.

Pokemon Sticker Sheets (2)Pokemon Black and White - Trucker Hat (1)

The Pokemon Pull String Pinata

There's one more thing you need to go with all these Pokemon party supplies. It's a party game and this one is a popular game kids enjoy playing. It's the Pokemon Pinata and it's a pull string pinata, so you know it's fun and it's safe. Fill that pinata with candies and treats and hang it up. You know how the pinata game works, right? Each child gets in line, the first child gets a blindfold put on them and they try to pull one of the pinata strings. Each child gets a turn trying to pull the strings until one of those pulls causes the pinata to break open and release the treats you've put inside.

Pokemon Party Music - The Pokemon X CD

How about some Pokemon Music at your party? This Pokemon X CD contains songs from the Pokemon TV and Movies. Play some musical games with the actual music from Pokemon. You can use the Pokemon Bouncy Balls as a "Hot Potato" Or just have some fun music to brighten up the party. Here's a list of the 18 songs you will find on this CD. Your kids will enjoy listening to this CD long after the party's over.
1. Pokemon Theme (Season Theme)
2. PokeRap
3. Pokemon World (Season Theme)
4. 2B A Master
5. Together Forever
6. Double Trouble (Team Rocket)
7. Pokemon Johto (Season Theme)
8. PokeRap GS
9. Born To Be A Winner (Season Theme)
10. Believe In Me (Season Theme)
11. I Want To Be A Hero (Season Theme)
12. This Dream (Season Theme)
13. Unbeatable (Season Theme)
14. Battle Frontier (Season Theme)
15. Hoenn PokeRap
16. Best Friends
17. Stay Together
18. Pokemon Go!

Pokemon X CD

Last, but never least, at a birthday party is the cake. I have never been to a birthday celebration that did not have a birthday cake and hope I never do. The Pokemon party is no different than any other...you do need a Pokemon cake. And that's not a problem at all. There is a cute cake topper with those cool Pokemon characters, Pikachu and Darkraia. It sits right on top of your cake. So if you like to make a homemade birthday cake or if you want to buy one from a bakery this topper kit is perfect.

Pokemon Cake Toppers Pikachu & Darkrai

Now I am sure you had a some interesting and unique Pokemon party ideas of your own while you were browsing this page. Some of them might have come from me, but I bet you had plenty of your own. That's one way to ensure an original and unique kids birthday party...take someone else's ideas and expand on them to create new and exciting party activities!

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