Please Help

Got Five BUCKS? Got TEN? Please Help! No, not me...I'd like us all to stop our busy day for five minutes and read about the McNeil family. And then I'm going to Thank God right now for everything I have and ask what can I do to help this brave and loving family.

Shannon and Matt McNeil have two wonderful children, Waverly and Oliver. Their story is sad, and I'd like to do something to help them. BUT WHAT?

I can give them some money. I don't have a lot and I cannot give them everything they need...but I can give a little and so can you. And there are lots of let's join together to help these parents enjoy the special time they have. Then we can go and tell our friends about this special family and they can give a few dollars too.

Here is the link to their touching story...please read it. It is almost too painful to think about, but then, what would our lives be like without ever had knowing our children. And look what an honest look the McNeil's are making us take at ourselves. They make a difference every day...and so can WE!

This is a party web site for kids and it's supposed to be filled with happy and fun stuff. But loving is important too and so is sharing. So let's do what little we can to love and share with the McNeil family. And in doing a little bit for them, their story will help us to appreciate all that we have every day.

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