Ten Steps To Show You How To Plan A Party

You can plan a party!

Here is all the party planning help you need to have the best party ever!

Would you love to hold parties at your home, but don't know how to do it? Here are 10, easy to follow, steps showing you how to plan a successful party. You can use these steps for just about any type of party you have in your home.

1. Decide on a date and time

The first step when you plan a party is choosing the date. If you are working around a presenter or you are having this party for someone else you will want to make sure the date and time works for them as well.

2. Purchase, make or e-mail invitations

It’s better to send invitations to people than it is to call them over the phone. They will likely put the party on the calendar right when they receive the invitation. You can purchase invitations fairly inexpensively at Walmart or Kmart or you can make your own if you want to do that as well.
There are web sites who will e-mail invitations for you. One that is reliable is eInvite. If you have never sent an e-mail invitation, you may want to check them out.

3. Create a list of guests, addresses and phone numbers

You don't want to forget anyone, so it’s better to write down the names, address and phone numbers for everyone you want to invite. When you do this you might remember someone else that you can invite.

4. Fill out the invitations and send them out at least three weeks before the party

When you plan a party make sure to give your guests enough notice. When you send the invitations out you want to do it at least three weeks before the party. This will give people the opportunity to clear the day if they need to and find a babysitter for the kids.

5. Purchase food and drinks at least two days before the pparty

If you wait until the day of the party to purchase your food and drinks, your drinks will be warm and you will be scrambling to get ready. If you are not having a sit down meal, cheese, crackers, and fruit are good snack items that you can serve. Juice and water are good drinks to have.

When you are done reading over this page, come back and get your free party planning guide. You will get more of the tools you need to plan any kind of party. From choosing your party theme, to picking out your party invitations. From party menu suggestions to fun party game ideas, get the help you need to make your party a SUCCESS! Free Party Planning Guides

6. Call guests two days before the party to remind them

People get busy with their families and work, so you will want to call and remind them about the party. Usually two days before the party date is good.

7. On the day of the party, set up at least three hours before

You will have enough to do on the day of the party that you may be a little stressed. Set up for your party at least three hours before your guests are to arrive. This way if you forgot something or something takes you longer to do than you thought; you are not worrying about it because you have given yourself extra time.

8. Greet your guests as they arrive

When your guests arrive, make sure you greet them at the door. You can do introductions if you would like as well. It will make it easier for everyone to talk while you are greeting others as they arrive.

9. Mingle and talk to your guests

When you plan a party you want to be able to enjoy it too. When you mingle and talk to the guests you are making them feel wanted and good about the choice they made. It will also help if they have questions they need answered.

10. Say goodbye when they leave

When you say goodbye and thank you, your guests will feel good about the coming to your party and will likely come again.

If you follow these steps you are likely to have a successful party every time. If you do the last three steps with each guest you will have more of a chance that they will attend another party you have. You want to make your guests feel wanted and when you talk to them they will feel this way. Your going to be the Hostess with the Mostess!

Now that you know how easy party planning is, when are you going to have your next one?

When you plan a party you need party decorations!

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