Aye Mateys, It's Pirate Theme Party Ideas We Be Lookin' Fer

With Pirate Theme Party Ideas you'll be singing Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum in no time! AHOY Ye Mateys and Land Lubbers are you ready for a pirate adventure?

Aargh! What say Ye? AYE Ye'll come?

Have some fun with your next kids birthday party...this is a great theme party to plan for...and it's really easy. Take a look at our fun Pirate Theme Party Ideas and Supplies! Look them over and get a lot of great ideas for your party!

That's a little pirate talk that translates to your invited to a party!. Rsvp!

Do You Have Any Great Kids Pirate Birthday Party Ideas? What is your party planning secret?

Do you have a great story about some kids pirate birthday party ideas? Share it! Help the rest of us have fun and successful kids parties!

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Pirate Theme Party Ideas X Marks The Spot

Pirate theme party ideas will show you a couple unique invitation ideas and pirate party supplies, decorations, recipes and game ideas for you to have a "Swashbuckling" good time!

Print your invitation on treasure maps to invite people to your treasure hunt. A Message in a bottle invitations would work well with this them too.

That will let everyone the theme of your party right away. Make sure your put a big black X next to your address!

Pirate Parties are always a popular theme ideas for a kid's party. Maraudering Privateers bring us thoughts of swashbuckling adventure and sunken or buried treasure. With the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies Pirate parties jumped to the top of the top ten party themes list! Ah...the adventure of the high seas and the danger lurking at every corner.

Pirate Party Theme Activities and Game Ideas

First No Self respecting plunderer goes walking around without a Tattoo so get the temporary tattoos out and start tattooing everyone!

Face Painting would work really well at a Pirate Party too.

A great idea for a pirate game is "X Marks the Spot".
You can bury (or just hide) all kinds of treasure and pirate booty marking the hiding spots with X's and let the kids go on a treasure hunt to find them.

You Can Play Treasure Map.
Hide the treasure and give the kids a map that will lead them to clues. Find one clue and discover where to find the next...until the last clue is found and the location of the Hidden Treasure Chest is discovered filled with doubloons>

Get a Pirate, Skull, Parrot or Ship Pinata. Kids love to try to break the Pinata open to let all the booty and treasures fall out!

Pin the Treasure Chest on the X
You must put the treasure chest closest to the X (marks the spot) to win! The Sea Robbers idea of pin the tail on the donkey you can buy it or easily make your own version!

Pirate Theme Party Ideas gives you Names For Your Crew

What's a Pirate Party without some Cut-throat names?

Why not give each guest a Sea Roving Name...and a quick Captain Jack Sparrow talking lessons.

Here are some names you can give to your guests when they come on board:

  • Jelly Legs Jim
  • Can't-Remember-Where-the-Treasure's-Buried Radley
  • Filthy Argus Drake
  • Cap'n Bernard Mauvebeard
  • Pirate Carlos the Cash-Strapped
  • Cap'n Diego Sharkchum
  • Cap'n Wally Pegleg
  • Tax-Evadin' Sam Dread
  • Shoutin' Wade Slasher
  • Blind Bruno Kidd
  • No-Eyes Herb

You want to learn to talk like a Pirate?

If your going to be living the life of a buccaneer you had better learn the lingo.

Learn to Talk like a Pirate

Pirate Party Ideas

Here are a few pirate theme party ideas for your Swashbuckling Adventure!

X Marks the SpotPlan your pirate party around a Treasure Hunt. Leave clues under X's...that lead to more clues. Let these scallywags work for their plunder!

Treasure Map Hunt
These first two pirate theme party ideas have to revolve around the search for the pirate's treasure chest. You can play all kinds of "discovery games" that lead up to the final goal of finding the Pieces of Eight hidden in a buried treasure chest. It's easy to make a treasure chest and fill it with Pirate Booty!

The Jolly Roger
The Jolly Roger is a good theme for a Party that includes parts of a Pirate's Ship. Game ideas for The Jolly Roger can include "Walking the Plank" ! Don't worry, your not going to throw anyone overboard! Walking the plank is a game that involves skills walking on thin boards on the ground!

How about a Halloween Pirate Costume Party?

A great decorating idea that's not only easy to do, but fun, is to carve pumpkins and give them an eye patch and a bandana! You can call it "Welcome to Davy Jone's Locker".

This is just a small list of pirate party ideas! Try and think of a few of your own favorites!

Pirate Decorating Ideas

For Scallywag Decorations try some of these ideas:

  • Skeletons laying about holding pirate flags

  • Streamers in red and black
  • Pirate Flags
  • Treasure Chests
  • Plastic Hand Hooks Make everyone a Captain Hook!
  • How about a stuffed parrot on your shoulder?
  • Hang signs that say "Stay Out" and "Beware" with a Pirates skull and crossed bones on it.
  • Treasure Chests
  • Skull and Crossbone Flags
  • Why not give each kid an Eye Patch and a Telescope are all easy decorating ideas.!

You can even cut triangles out of construction paper and let each kid design their very own pirate flag using crayons, stickers and anything else you can think of.

When Can You Use A Pirate Theme?

Any time you want. You don't need a reason to have a Jolly Roger Party, but it is usually an ideal theme for a Birthday or a Halloween get together.

Pirate Grub

High Sea Adventure Calls For Some Messy Grub

  • How about some Pieces of Eight (chicken nuggets!)
  • Chicken legs (you can always use a caribbean style marinade)
  • Cannon Balls can be meatballs served along side a
  • Red Tide Seaweed (Spagetti with sauce!)
  • Biscuits
  • Grog to quench the thrist. Aargh! Plunderin' and lootin' make a sea robber quite thirsty

Grog is easy enough to make. You can make a punch of juice or soda with sherbert or ice cream floating in it. It will look like grog or ale in cups!

Dessert Ideas are Plentiful When it's a Maurauding Mutiny Party You've Chosen as Your Theme
Cupcake can be dressed up in flags, made to look like a treasure chest or little skeletons

A sheet cake can look like a desert island with a topping of graham cracker crumbs (that would be the sand), some palm trees, a treasure chest and a skeleton guarding it with some blue icing fringing the edges to look like the ocean.
You can get as creative as you want either by decorating it yourself or with some help from a cake topper kit!

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