Pirate Pinatas

What kind of Pirate Pinatas do we have? We have three different pirate theme styles for you to choose from.

First we have the pirate...very cute...very dashing...perfect to hide all your goodies in. Fill him with lots of doubloons for your dastardly crew to find! Arrrgggh

Next we have a Pirate Ship for you to look over. Hide your goodies inside the ship, and let the kids try to hit it open with a stick. You can also buy a pull string conversion kit and turn it into a pull string version.

What's all the fuss about a map? X marks the Spot...where the buried treasure is hidden. Who knows where it is? You do , because you put it there! It was you who filled the pinata with some goodies! Check out our Pirate's Treasure Chest Pinata

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