Pirate GIrls Party Ideas

Pirate Girls Party Ideas because girl's want to be pirates too! It won't be the first time! Did you know there were women who fought right along side the famous pirates you know of? Anne Bonny and Mary Read would actually don men's clothing and fight right along side the bucaneer crew they served with. Now that's a tough lady!

Our Pirate girls today can wear pink if they like...and we also have some pink pirate party supplies for them to decorate their tables with. Why should these girls have to put up with boy's pirate decorations when these pretty and pink ones are perfect?

Now if you are having a Pirate Girls Party...your going to need a really cool party favor...you don't want to get these Bucanneer Girls upset...so to save the day I found these Pink Skull Pirate Purse party favors!

Filled with a lady pirates treasures...a trove of loot for fashionable pirates. Each Skull Purse has lip gloss in the shape of a cell phone, a notebook, a pink gel pen, a play pearl necklace, glitter bracelets and pink skull stickers...along with some body crystals! Read about them here...

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