Get Pinkalicious Party Ideas

Get Pinkalicious Party Ideas and Find Pink Party Supplies, Games And Cupcake Recipes...All For A Pink Girls Birthday Party Theme.

Pink girl party ideas are what this fun birthday theme is all about!

Pinkalicious is a book written by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann. The description says its about desserts, desires and discipline. Too many pink cupcakes give this young girl a case of other words, she turns pink!

Pinkalicious Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Pinkalicious Party Favor Box

Pinkalicious 18" Pull-String Pinata

There are lots of fun party ideas you can use plus there is a wonderfully pink party supplies theme pattern you can get to match this fun birthday party idea.

If you are ready to throw a Pinkalicious party here are a few fun ideas for you.

Party Invitation Ideas

You can make your own cupcake shaped invitations cut out from construction paper. Fill in the party details and add some pretty cupcake stickers. You can also buy the packaged invitations that come with this girls party theme supplies.

Think Pink Party Drinks

•Pink lemonade

•Pink party punch. Make it with cranberry juice and ginger ale

•Pink ice cubes are another easy to make party idea. Just freeze some cranberry juice in a star shaped ice cube tray. Serve the pink ice cubes in Seven Up Soda or in some water. When the ice cubes start to melt your party drinks will turn pink!

Pinkalicious 18" Foil Balloon

Pinkalicious Plastic Tablecover

Pinkalicious Invitations (8)

Pretty Pink Party Food Ideas

Pinkalicious party food ideas are very similar to our princess party food ideas...serve pink foods!

•Mini-bagels and pink cream cheese...make it with pink strawberrys

•Strawberry yogurt

•Cream cheese and pink jelly tea party sandwiches. Cut the crusts off the bread and then cut each sandwich in four pieces or use a cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches up in shaped pieces.

•Fresh strawberries...add some whipped cream

•Pink fruits like cherries, raspberries, watermelon and add some bananas too.

•Dye your hard-boilded eggs pink

•Pink Jell-O mixed with Cool Whip

•Pink Jell-O jigglers

•Make pink ice pops with pink cool aid, cranberry juice or pink lemonade drink mix

Pink Party Desserts

The only dessert you need at a Pinkalicious party are Pink cupcakes with pink frosting. Let each girl decorate their own cupcakes using pink sprinkles, candies and cupcake decorations.

Pink Party Decorations

•Get pink banners

•Get pink balloons

•Tie pink tulle in bows on your party chairs

•Put pink glitter glue on your party table clothes or sprinkle them with pink confetti

•Set up your party table with pink plates, cups and napkins.

•Serve your party foods on paper doilies to make it look extra fancy

Pinkalicious Party Games

•Classic party game twist - Pin the Pinktail on Pinkalicious

•A Pink piñata

•Jelly Bean Guessing game...put pink jelly beans into a jar and count them as you put them in. Let each girl guess how many jelly beans are in the jar.

•A fun Pinkalicious game idea from their website is Musical Thrones. Set up the same number of chairs as you have guests. Instead of playing music have an adult read the Pinkalicious book out loud. When the adult reads the words pink or cupcakes...everyone must sit on a chair. Each round one chair gets removed...and one party guest is out.

•Pinkalicious coloring pages...print out lots of coloring pages and let the girls color away.

Pink Party Game Prizes

•Pinkalicious book

•A pink beaded necklace

•A pink flower lei

Pinkalicious Party Activities

•Let the guests decorate their very own cupcakes in pink of course!

•Make pink tissue flowers

•Make pink craft candy bracelets

•Create pink craft photo frames in pink

•Make your own crowns or tiaras and decorate them.

Pinkalicious Party Favors

•Give each girl pink play dough or make your own.

•Get pink candies. You can choose from gums, Cotton Candy, Good and Plenty, pink Necco wafers, pink M&Ms, and more

Party Dresses and Dress Up Ideas

•Ask your party guests to wear pink anything and everything! Get some fun stuff for each girl to put on at the party. Fun girls party stuff like a pink boa, a pink tutu or a pink tiara or wand.

Make sure you take plenty of pink party pictures with all your Pinkalicious party guests in them!

Pinkalicious Coloring Pages

Pinkalicious Word Search Game

What's Pink Party Game

Pink Pirate Party Ideas

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