Pink Safari Birthday Party - 1st Birthday Party Ideas

A Pink Safari Birthday Party Theme Is A Unique Party Theme To Consider As One Of Your Little Girl's 1st Birthday Party Ideas.

It's a pink, pretty and unique girls party theme full of all the right accessories, supplies and decoration ideas to help you host a wonderful and exciting first birthday party. Exciting? Yes, what else would you call a "Safari Theme"?

Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Deluxe Party Pack for 16

Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Deluxe Party Pack

This is one of those party themes that is fun from start to finish...right from the invitations, to the party plates and decorations, to the favor ideas. How many fun games can you think of for a safari themed party right off the top of your head? Little kids are going to enjoy this fun theme party and so are you!

Safari 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Let the Wild Fun begin with these Safari 1st birthday party invitations. Right from the start your guests will see from the invites that this is going to be a fun party. These invitations are easy as can be...just fill in your party information and slip them into their envelopes. Send them off to get your party rolling!

Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Invitations (8)

Pink Safari Birthday Party Decorations

Start the decorations off with the party supply's filled with safari themed plates, cups, napkins and some plastic ware. It also comes with a matching table cover, a party centerpiece, a happy first foil balloon, some latex balloons, curling ribbons, crepe paper streamers, cone party hats, birthday candles and a number 1 candle. That's a nice package. In fact, you don't need anything else. You might want some of these other accessories, but this party pack is perfect if you'd like to keep your party decorations simple.

Click on the picture of the party pack at the top of the page to get more information about just what this party pack has to offer you. It also comes in a small pack for up to 8 guests and a larger size for up to 16 guests. Here is a close up of the table cover so you can see more of the details in this sweet 1st birthday party supply set.

Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Plastic Tablecover

Extra Cute Party Decoration Ideas

That's really all you will need to host your Sweet Pink Safari Birthday Party...but there are still some things I would like to show the bib!

If your little girl is just turning one chances are you are going to have her wear a bib...well, this one matches the safari theme and is so cute...I just love it.

Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Fabric Bib

This is one of my favorite "extras" for a little girls party! I just think it's the cutest thing. It's a high chair cover set that is so pretty...all decked out in tulle, it makes a high chair look like a throne and everyone knows that a one year old girl is a this might be a party supply you want to add to your shopping list. I know I want it!

Pink Highchair Cover

Safari 1st Birthday Party Favors

Party you need them? It depends on who is at your party. If your guests are all adults you might want to give out a keepsake of your little girls first birthday. If there are a dozen one year olds at the party they arent' going to know the difference...I know, you will know. Well, if you want to give out party favors the kids will enjoy try some stuffed safari animals.

Safari Animal Bean Bag Set (4)
Or you can go with the pink safari birthday party favor boxes that match the supplies and decorations you have. The party favor boxes do have to be folded together and filled with these favors:
  • Girl cookie cutter
  • Colored dough
  • A pastel activity book with 4 crayons
  • A cute plush elephant
  • A glitter bounce ball or a party blow out
It's a nice assortment of toys your guests will enjoy and a sweet thank you gift.
Sweet Safari Pink 1st Birthday Party Favor Box

My choice? The favor box...I like the colors in it and think the elephant is much cuter than the other plush...but that's just me!

Keepsake Party Favors

A really cute idea for a keepsake party favor, one that your guests will treasure, is a pretty pastel picture frame. Of course you will need some photos of your little girl to put inside, but I don't think that will be too difficult for you to come up with. Look at these cute frames I found that match the pretty pink safari birthday party theme perfectly!

Pretty, dainty, perfect for a first birthday party favor idea. And just think how cute it will be when it's your child's photo inside!

Pink Safari Birthday Party Game Ideas

Pink Safari Birthday Party Games are easy and fun to arrange for this wild toddler set.

Who Is The Monkey let's see which of your guests does the best monkey imitation.

You can play a Jungle Safari Hunt by hiding some plastic jungle animals.

Ring Around The Rosy a simple but fun game for young kids

Make Animal Noises you can play a safari animal sounds games...have each young guest make the sound of an animal

Freeze Dance dance to a jungle tune...try this game and see what happens when you try to get the kids to stop dancing!

Or just Dancey Dance to some music.

Young children don't need much entertainment at a birthday party. Most will sit and play with whatever is available. And this younger set really enjoys music so keep the tunes on and let them dance at will.

Safari Party Cupcakes

Safari Animal birthday cupcakes are easy and fun to make. Serve pastel frosted cupcakes that will fit these little hands just right. Cupcakes are an easy party dessert for young kids to handle. Plus if you ordered the party pack of supplies you have the number 1 candle for your little birthday girl's cupcake already!

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