Pink Poodle Cake Topper

A Pink Poodle Cake Topper is the perfect cake decoration for Pink Poodle in Paris party theme or for a Fancy Nancy party! Or combine these two popular party ideas and have a double the fun at your next kids birthday party!

If your birthday child is very fond of the adorable Pink French Poodle Dog, then what better theme to use to celebrate your child’s birthday than having a Pink Poodle birthday party!

Fancy Nancy thinks that "Fancy is Better" and French is her favorite language because it sounds fancy! Bonjour! I know Nancy would choose this beautiful Pink Poodle Cake Topper set!

It includes 3 ½ inch tall Pink Poodle Dog and a purple Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is an iron tower in Paris. It was built for International Exhibition of Paris in 1889. It's one of the fanciest iron towers that I know of!

Cake decorating sets like this Pink Poodle Cake Topper are so easy to use. You can even let your child do it! Of course, keep that a secret when everyone gives you compliments on the beautiful cake you made! You can even add some candies along side the poodle and tower to add even more to your design.

Did you know, that in most cases, a topper costs less than a birthday cake from the bakery? Call your local baker and ask for some theme cake prices and see what he says. will not only get to design and decorate your own cake, you will also save money...and get compliments on top of all that!

Who knew having a party was this easy...with your Cake Topper kit, your own homemade cake and the great party supplies you can find for a kids theme are going to have a great party!

If you are looking for a fun game, try a Pink Poodle Pinata

or a Fancy Nancy Pinata!

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