Pink Pirate Party Ideas

Yes, Pink Pirate Party Ideas are perfect for your next girls birthday party theme. You can find fun party games, lots of party supplies and even how to make a pink pirate ship birthday cake. Or choose the pink pirate cupcake toppers...they are edible and they look great.

Start off your party with some cute Pink Skull party invitations. Start off your Pink Pirate party ideas by setting the party theme mood right away and then stick with the theme. A Pirate's party theme has so many great ideas so you are sure to host a successful birthday party for your daughter. You can choose from the Pink Skull party invitations or take a look Message in a Bottle party invitations that are pirate party perfect!

Pink Skull party supplies come with everything you need to decorate your girls party theme. From plates, napkins and cups, to wall decals, pirate party favors and even tattoos and stickers, you can take all these ideas and add a few more of your own...what a great party you are going to have.

Pirate Party Games

Pirate party games are so important to your party's success. Kids love to play party games and they love to be kept busy. So that's your job! Plan an extra game or two in case the game playing goes quicker than you imagined.

Pink Pirate Relay Race

As with any relay race, for the Pink Pirate relay, you need to form a couple teams. Designate a starting line and a mid point line...the finish line is always back at the starting line. Fill two bags (one for each team) with some Pirate outfits. Make sure they have some pink in them, after all, this is a Pink Skull pirate party. You can get a vest, an eye patch, a cutlass, a long skirt, a pink bandana...anything that you imagine famous female pirates might have worn...of course, just make the best of what you've got.

Each team member must race off to the mid point, put on the women's pirate's clothing, and race back to the starting point. Then each girl will have to remove the pirate's clothes, hand the bundle to the next team mate and then she must get to the mid point, put the clothes on...and so on, until each team member has had a turn.

This is a fun, fun relay race for girls. Make sure you take some pictures.

How about a face painting session? Try to draw a skull and crossbone on each girl's face. Or put on some temporary tattoos for the evening.

Walk the Plank and Treasure Hunt are a couple more pirate games for your girl's birthday party. Since these are female pirates you may want to give everyone a manicure. Female pirates like to have their nails done as much as any other girl.

Free Pirate Coloring Pages

There are plenty of online sites who can provide some free pirate coloring pages so your party guests can color. All you will have to do is print these coloring pages out and supply the crayons.

Pirate Ship Cake

If you are using Pink Pirate party ideas you have to have an exciting If you have a Pirate Ship Cake, frosting...this is a Pink Skull party! Get some candy necklaces and bracelets to lay around your cake, or use them and some gold foiled chocolates as toppers. Your lady pirates will be amazed at the treasures they find.

You can also find some inexpensive cake and cupcake toppers with pink pirate images on them. All you do is frost your cake or cupcake and put these images right on top. It's an easy cake or cupcake decorating idea and it looks great.

Pirate Party Favors

Pirate party favors come in all colors and of course, get some pink ones. You can find stickers, pens with feathers, temporary tattoos, lip gloss, nail polish, play jewelry...girl's are easy to please when it comes to a party favor. You can also choose the pre-packed Purse party favor box. I'll bet all those famous female pirates would have enjoyed this party favor's perfect for those young pink pirates.
Or choose the Pink Pirate Mugs!

Grow A Skull

Grow a Skull is a unique and fun party favor to give out when you use Pink Skull party ideas for girls.

Pink Pirate Rubber Duckies

There are Rubber Duckies for everything these days, and now these rubber duckies are perfect for a party favors when you use Pink Party party ideas.

These Pink and Black pirate bandanas are another wonderful party favor ideas. Give one to each of your guests!

Pirate Crafts For Kids

Girl's will love these pirate crafts for kids, and they are perfect for Pink Pirate party ideas. It's just plain smart to plan on a party craft idea Mom. It breaks up the high energy level you have after the games and lets the girls enjoy a little creative time.

Here are some pink pirate stencils.

Play A Pirates Movie

Play a pirates movie for your female pirates to entertain them as one part of your Pink Pirate party ideas. A cute pirate movie for young girls is

Pirate Picture Cutout

You can take some great party pictures with this pirate picture cutout. Give each of your guests a picture of themselves to take home as a memento of this Pink Skull pirate party.

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