Girls Pink Party Ideas

Think Pink With Pink Party Ideas For Girls!

Thrill your girly girl with some fun party ideas that are all pink and pretty. Find fun games, party food ideas and party supplies in shades of pink. Perfect for your lovely daughter's birthday party this year...Pink Party Ideas are the perfect girls party theme.

Girl's birthday party ideas are fun and pink is the perfect color for them. If your daughter is a real girly girl she is going to love this pinker than pink party theme. You can find pink invitations, party ware, food ideas and even fun kids party games that are centered around the color pink. This girls party is going to be lots of fun for everyone! Just keep thinking pink!

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There are so many pink girls birthday party themes to choose from when you are using pink party ideas or you can just use the color's easy to find pink party supplies...mix up those pinks to create a girl's party fit for your princess. Some fun themes you can pick from are:

Pink John Deere

Pink Cowgirl

Pink Skull Pirate


Pink Monkey Party

Pink Poodle in Paris

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Decorate for your pink party ideas by using pink balloons, pink streamers and other fun theme decorations. You can find lots of birthday banners that would make your party room look great and center pieces to match your party supplies theme.

Set the table with pink party ware or the theme partyware you girlie girl pirates or a princess theme. Perfect for your girls birthday!

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Pink Party Games For Your Pink Party Ideas

Pink Party Ideas need Pink Party Games. And there are lots of fun Pink Party Games to play at a girls birthday party! You can make some of these games's easy.

Think Pink How many pink jelly beans are in the jar? Fill a jar with pink jelly beans...count the jelly beans as you put them in. Let each girl write her name on a piece of paper along with the number of jelly beans she thinks is in the jar. The girl who guesses the closest number of pink beans wins the jar!

Pink Egg and Spoon Race Dye some hard boiled eggs pink and use a pink spoon to play this classic fun kids party game. Form two teams, two lines with eggs in egg boxes, two mid-points, and have plenty of pink hard boiled eggs on hand. The object of the game is for each girl to put an egg on her spoon and carry this pink egg on her spoon from the start line to a bowl at the mid-point. She then returns to the start line and passes the spoon to the next player who must put her egg on the spoon and head off towards the mid point. The team who finishes first is the winning team.

All Pink Scavenger Hunt Hide pink things in pink plastic eggs. Let the girls search the yard or party room for these goodie filled eggs or give out clues that will lead the girls to each egg...that has another clue in it. Both versions are fun as can be...just remember to write the clues on pink paper!

Pink Bowling Make your own pink bowling pins by filling small plastic soda or water bottles with sand. Glue the caps on and paint the bottles pink. Get a pink ball the girls can roll at the pins to knock them down...just like real bowling...except this one is pink as can be. Since you are making the pins you can have as many as you like...two or ten!

Pink Pinatas Several of the party themes listed above have matching pull string pinatas. Fill the pinata up with treats and goodies and let the games begin...pull string pinatas are safe for kids...and kids love to play the pinata game.

Other fun activities at a pink girls party include:

The Pink Manicure Enlist a couple friends to act as manicurists and paint the girls fingernails with some pretty pink nail polish.

Pink Face Painting Get some gentle and safe facial paint and draw a design...with pink paint, of course...give each girl a pink star or flower shape.

Pink Party Foods

Make lots of pink party foods to go with your pink party ideas! The girls will enjoy eating these tasty treats and they will look pretty as can be on a buffet table.

Make Pink Milkshakes Or Smoothies...use milk and strawberry ice cream to make some pink drinks. Or serve pink soda...make party punch with ginger ale and some pink juice. Float pink sherbet in it to make it pink as can be. Serve up Strawberry Quick.

Pink Cupcakes Mix up a batch of cupcake mix, add a couple drops of red food coloring to the mix so the cupcakes come out pink as can be. Mix food coloring into some white frosting so it also turns pink. Buy some pink cake decorations like sugar flowers or get some pink candies...let the girls decorate their own pink party desserts!

Pink Filling For Sandwiches Pink filling is easy to make by mixing some cream cheese with strawberry jam and make some sandwiches on cocktail bread or white bread. Cut the crusts off the bread and cut the sandwiches into tea sized pieces.

Pink Ice Cream Sundaes Get some pink ice cream and lots of pink ice cream toppings. Let each girl create her very own sundae.

Pink Chocolates Make some homemade chocolate candies using candy molds and pink melting chocolates.

Pink Fruit Kabobs Put some strawberries on skewers for the girls. You can mix it up a little and use a piece of banana in betweeen each of the strawberries.

Pink Ice Pops Make some pink juice and freeze it in your ice pop tray.

Pink Jell-O Make some pink Jell-O and mix it with some Cool Whip. Let it chill. Serve it up in small bowls or pour it into a graham cracker pie shell, chill and serve like pie.

Make Jell-O Jigglers Make some pink Jell-O and pour it into jiggler molds. Let it chill in the frig. You can put some whipped cream on each jiggler or serve them plain.

There are so many more fun ideas for pink party foods, but I am sure you get the idea! See how easy it is to use Pink Party Ideas? All you have to do is "Think Pink"!

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