A Pinata Party is Fun For Kids and Adults

Are you thinking about having a Pinata Party?

When you hear the word pinata, one of the first things that you think of is a party. A party pinata is a fun and exciting party game for kids and adults. The pinata is primarily used to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and Easter...but you can use it at any kind of party you like!

A pinata is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and has almost always been associated with good times and just rewards, like the candy that comes spilling forth after the piñata has been broken open.

The History of the Pinata

The history of the pinata is vague, but we automatically think of Mexico as its country of origin. Some stories tell it originated in the country of China, although many of these ideas and stories are unfounded. By the 16th century the pinata had worked its way into the beginnings of what we now appreciate as the pinata party.

A pinata is primarily used for festive gatherings and as such are available in many different designs and patterns. Pinatas are traditionally filled with candy and fruits.

The fun of the pinata party is the fact that the party guests are blindfolded and are swinging a stick or club to try to break it open.

Depending on the celebration involved, the shape of the pinata varies from colorful animals for birthday parties, to Tinkerbell, a Pirate or to a more elaborate seven or nine pointed star pinata for the Christmas holidays.

Want to Make Your Own Pinata?

How to make a pinata will give you instructions for making your very own pinata. Making a pinata is very inexpensive and it's a fun activity to get the entire family involved in. Making a pinata involves the use of paper mache and deciding what you will fill the pinata with for the party goers to enjoy once the pinata has been broken open.

Pinatas are available at most party stores and are considered a very inexpensive addition to a party and well worth the time spent to make and or purchase one.

The festivities begin with the pinata by hanging the piñata from tree and or the side of a building and allowing the party goers to swing the stick or club at the piñata while at times someone may even be in charge of moving the pinata up and down on the hanging rope and making it harder for the person to strike it.

You can see a large selection of pinatas and party supplies at Pinata.com by clicking on the link.

How to Make a Pinata

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