Need a Patriotic Star Pinata?

A Patriotic Star Pinata is the perfect fun game to play when you are using Fourth of July Party Ideas! After a long day of barbeques and fireworks...a red, white and blue pinata will leave the kids feeling like they've won some prizes...because they will have! When this Star Pinata is broken all those candies and treats you filled it with, will come spilling out for the kids to gather up.

There are other Patriotic Pinatas to choose from. They come in red, white and blue but there are different shapes. The pinata shapes are:

  • A Map
  • A Hat
  • A Windsock
This Star is the biggest one of all and it is good for a party of up to 25 kids. If you want a Patriotic Pinata, but the Star is too big...take a look at the others to see if they are better fitted to your needs. Which ever one you decide upon, you can be sure all of the kids at your Fourth of July party will have a great time!

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