Party Finger Food Ideas

Need some Party Finger Food Ideas

First...What are finger foods? Finger foods are foods you don't need a plate and a fork for.
Party Finger food ideas are nothing new, though not everyone is familiar with the idea. Others may call it something cocktails or appetizers. I know that when I go to a wedding I'm always sorry when the cocktail hour is over. They take those great tasty appetizers away...and I remember wishing they would just serve those little tasty nuggets the entire evening. Those are finger foods.

If you want a party that's really fun, easy to manage and Impossible to forget, then make your food as special and unique as your guests...They will be sure to notice and appreciate your extra efforts! Everyone knows the best party foods are the ones you can carry with you as you mingle. Finger foods for parties are extra fun because they can be "custom tailored" to fit the theme of each individual party.

What Kind Of Party Are Finger Foods Recipes Good For?

Party finger food ideas would be great for these types of parties:

1. Barbecues
2. Dinner Parties
3. Birthday Parties
4. Baby Showers
5. Parties for Kids
6. Halloween Parties

Party Planning Menu Ideas

What makes Party finger food ideas ideal for every type of party? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tasty, easy and elegant party finger food recipes you can get use to decide which Party Finger Food Ideas you want to incorporate into your party menu. The menu you decide upon can include simple finger foods or more gourmet recipes such as a Vol-au-vent, or as decorative as Barquettes.

You can dress down finger foods, or you can dress them up. They can be as simple as a cracker with cheese or as lovely and elegant as a caviar mousse or canap├ęs topped with foie gras.

Here are some party finger food ideas for you:

1. Barbecues

Barbecues were made for finger foods. Ribs, fried chicken and corn on the cob are the largest finger food ideas, but we are all familiar with them, and Everyone loves them. Just add a wet wash cloth or a wipe to the dinner table and your done.

2. Dinner Parties

If your going to plan your entire dinner party around Party Finger Food Ideas, make sure to You have a lot of toothpicks and napkins!! A great way to work your party theme into a finger food menu is to use decorated napkins and get those theme food picks. It will just add that little something "extra" to make your party memorable! (sometimes your ideas on the little things make a longer lasting impression than "big" decorating ideas)

3. Birthday Parties

Fondue parties are a great finger food party ideas. You can use fondue ideas for everything from main course to desserts.

4. Baby Showers

Baby Showers are a great venue for finger foods. Showers are usually held mid afternoon. That time between lunch and dinner where a full meal isn't really needed.

5. Parties for Kids

Finger Party food ideas are the perfect menu for kids parties. Kids don't want to sit down for a big meal. They are active and on the go...finger foods make it easy to keep up the activities and feed the children.

6. Halloween Parties

Halloween Finger Foods are the best of all the recipe ideas! It's not only that Halloween finger foods taste good, they can look good. You can decorate your food to look like the decorations in your house on Halloween. You can make finger sandwiches but cut the bread with some cookie cutters into different shapes like bats or ghosts. Wait till you see the surprised look on your guest's faces when they see those.

Because these parties vary from casual to classy, you'll want to choose finger foods that fit the bill. Here are some tips for each type of party:

1. Let guests make and grill their own kebabs.
2. Invite each guest to bring a new wine or cheese and cracker combo for your own makeshift wine-tasting night.
3. Instead of a birthday cake have a birthday fondue fountain and encourage each guest to bring something to dip.
4. Serve baby-sized foods like mini quiches and give each guest their own sippy cup.
5. Cut sandwiches and vegetables into fun shapes and put condiments in frosting bags, so the kids (whatever age they are) can make neat squiggles and designs.
6. Desserts can be fruits, cakes and baked treats cut into small sizes all ready to pick and eat!

Remember that when it comes to fun party finger foods, size really does matter. For children, go with dry foods and for adults be sure to keep plenty of plates and napkins handy to protect their good clothes. Party guests of all ages love finger foods and will be thrilled to try yours!

Foods you usually eat with your fingers include fried coconut shrimp, mini quiche, cheese and crackers, chicken wings, mini pizza bagels, any kind of dip and cracker or chip, pizza pie, hot dogs, burgers and fondues.

Need recipes for your party finger food ideas?

Got them!

Go to Party recipes under the finger food section for lots of fun and delicious recipes.

Just think how easy it is to clean up using finger food party ideas. It's a great way to entertain adults and children and make party clean up easy on yourself!

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