Kids Party Favor Ideas

Kids Party Favor Ideas range from 1st birthday favors to Sweet 16 party favors. And we have them all! Whether you want a Minnie Mouse party favor, or a vampire themed Twilight one, you can find lots of choices here.

I love party favors. It's like a thank you gift and a party keepsake all rolled into one. Everyone who attends your party will feel grateful and happy to get a party favor. That's why it's so nice to give them.

The party favor you choose will depend on which kids party theme you choose for your next kids birthday celebration, and there are lots of choices. You can go for an elegant party favor that is rather expensive, or you can find stickers and temporary tattoos that are pretty cheap. Either one will thrill your party guests and it will be fun for you to hand out.

The more expensive party favors are usually chosen for a special birthday. A babies first birthday party is sometimes a very big event. The party favors for a first birthday might be a photo frame with a picture.

A Sweet 16 Party is another occasion when a more expensive party favor is chosen. I've seen small personalized cakes for 25.00 each for a Sweet 16 Party favor idea. Photo Frames, candles, jewelry or candy wrapped in personalized paper wrappers are some fun ideas for a 16 year old.

When you go to a baby shower you usually get a more expensive than usual party favor. There are baby type candy candy and cookie gifts, salt and pepper shakers in a baby shape, and lots of other baby shower favor ideas.

A Bridal Shower favor and a Wedding favor are two more party favor ideas that usually cost more than a typical favor at a kids birthday party. My neice had a T-shirt as her wedding favor. I know someone else who gave out popourri, wine bottles with personalized labels are popular as wedding favor gifts. It's nice to give out a gift that people will use, because, let's face it, we all eventually throw the little candy filled swans out in the trash. Think before you spend a fortune. What favor ideas will people be able to use?

Kids party favors are way easier to choose than a baby shower or Sweet 16 party favor, so don't worry. We've got lots of fun, and pretty cheap, party favor ideas for kids!

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