Parade Party Ideas For A Fun Kids Birthday Party

Parade Party Ideas will show you how to create a neighborhood parade as a fabulous activity during your parade party. So if your kids love a's the perfect party theme for them.

Of course all kids, big and small, love a parade. Why not arrange a neighborhood parade as the main event at your next kids birthday party? It's fun to have a parade at a 4th of July party or a spring, summer, or fall kids get together. You might be starting a new tradition in your neighborhood!

When you are using parade party ideas the traditional party planning rules remain. Choose a date and time for your party. Pick out invitations. You can print out parade posters online, fill in your date and time and use them as unique party invitations. Or you can print out some Parade tickets with your information filled in to deliver to your party guests.

Now for the fun planning. What kind of parade will you have?

Which Parade Party Ideas Should You Choose?

Here are some great parade party ideas:

  • A Bike Parade. Let everyone decorate their bikes and their bike helmets using streamers and ribbons.

  • If everyone has a dog, you can decorate the dogs with costumes! Make sure everyone has a leash.
  • Make a giant parade banner for the front of your parade. Let the kids carry it.
  • Get some costumes and funny outfits, a wig or two and you've got some clowns for your parade.
  • Get some noise makers...cowbells, toot horns, kazoos, toy instruments...and you're on your way.
  • Halloween costumes can be used at your parade.
  • Got wagons? Decorate them and pull some of the younger kids in them!
  • Get some small candy or beads and trinkets and throw them into the crowd.
  • Music is perfect for a parade party. Get a portable radio and let the music ring out.
  • March...there's always a marching band in a parade. Get the kids to march and dance to the music.

Get a Free Printable Party Banner

Take Pictures of the Parade

For Parade Party Ideas you are going to need a couple adults along to help keep an eye on all the make sure to invite a few of your friends ahead of time.

This is one of those occasions you are going to want lots of pictures from!On parade day get everyone dressed up and lined up behind you or one of your adult helpers. Make sure to go slow and take lots of pictures. You may want to have a parent or friend there to take some great pictures or to get a video the parade.

Keep The Parade Route Short!

Keep the parade route on the small size. Go around the block once or twice. That should be enough for the kids to have a great time. Make sure all the parents of your party guests know the time and the route of the parade so they can get out there to cheer you on and to take some pictures!

When the parade is over it's time to go back to the party house for some snacks, drinks and cake! If you're feeling ambitious you can serve hot dogs and burgers grilled in your backyard. Kids always go crazy for chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, so there is another party food idea for you to think about.

Free Coloring Pages

Free Coloring Pages will make a great party activity or party favor idea. Get some crayons and let the kids color away. It's a great way to save money and what kid doesn't like to color. Print out some clown pictures to keep with your theme.

Parade Coloring Pages

Clown Coloring Pages

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