Simple Paper plate kids crafts are usually made out of materials you already have. First you will need some paper plates. I like to buy multi-color packages so we have lots of different colored plates to use. Then you need buttons, feathers, construction paper, foam craft sheets, glue and crayons. You can add glitter, sequins, anything you think will make your paper plate craft look nice. Sticker and stamps work well too.

Yes, paper plate kids crafts are easy to make at home with stuff you already have, but there are some Awesome Craft Kits out there that really help you make some Great Paper Plate Designs. Take a look at everything I got in my kit when I bought it from the Oriental Trading Company. And they have quite a few different designs to choose from. There is even a ghost and a spider paper plate kit.

Cowboy Paper Plate Craft For Kids.  It's easy to make a nice craft project with paper plates.

Simple Craft Ideas With Paper Plates

Sometimes it's the simple craft ideas that are the most fun to make. Paper plate crafts are very simple and they are a lot of fun. Did you see the picture of the Cowboy? He's cute isn't he? I wanted you to see everything they gave us to make one plate. The craft kit comes with 12 of these kits inside it. Each one is package individually and you see everything I got. We did need some glue...make sure you get the kind that works with foam. Not all glue does, so you have to check.

Since I was buying them for a Cowboy theme birthday party I had more than enough to use as a party activity. I had four left over...we had seven little romping, stomping cowboys at the party and of course, my son...aka The Birthday Boy. The kids loved these cowboy crafts and I have to admit, so did I. They were easy for the kids to put together and they are cute as can be.

Here is the finished paper plate kit.  This little cowboy is really cute and this was a very easy craft project to work with.

What do you think? This little paper plate kids crafts kit was worth every penny I paid for it. And that was well under a dollar each. So if you are having a kids birthday party or just want some simple craft ideas for your kids to make at home, check out Amazon and the paper plate craft kits they have.

Want to see more completed kids crafts? I have more pictures of paper plate kids crafts and they are all very easy to make...whether you buy them in a kit or make them from materials you already have at home.

More paper plate crafts.

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