Paper Plate Crafts For Kids Are Fun

Paper Plate Crafts are fun! And I have to confess, sometimes I make them too. I enjoy the artsy feeling I get when I am creating a turkey or a fish or even a mask out of a paper plate, and that's me...imagine how great the kids feel. It's a cheap way to entertain your kids and it let's them be creative. And that is always a fun and happy time. I found a great place to buy some really cute paper plate craft kits. It is the Oriental Trading Company. If you have been to my site before you may have seen them mentioned. I promote their site a lot and I also shop at their site a lot. They have some wonderful kids craft kits and supplies at a decent price. If you go to the sale page you can find lots of items at bargain basement other words, really cheap. And I like to buy my supplies when they are on sale and cheap.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids. It's a fun kids craft kit!

I Love Paper Plate Crafts...Do You?

If you have any paper plate crafts why not Share Them with the rest of us? I love to make craft projects from paper plates. It's simple, cheap and fun. I have a paper plate turkey, a paper plate fish and a paper plate monster to show you. When you give your kids the ability to create art they get very creative. You will be surprised at the wonderful arts and crafts creations they make.

But I do have to say, I found these wonderful paper plate craft kits at Oriental Trading Company . They are pretty inexpensive and they are cute as can be. Lots of fun whether it is for a party or just for something to do. Take a look at some of the ones I have.

If you have any great pics or ideas, share them with us. We would love to hear from you!

WE welcome new project ideas that we can assemble using everyday paper plates. This is such a fun way to entertain the kids.

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More Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Here is another craft catalog I found online where you can get kids craft supplies and lots of paper plates. They are pretty cheap. I haven't checked them out as thoroughly as the Oriental Trading Company, but from a quick look they seem good.

Get some ideas from this cute picture. I love the caterpillar and the ladybug. I may have to make them next.

Paper Plates 6

Paper Plates 6" (pack of 100)

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