Palm Trees The Perfect Luau Party Decoration

Palm Trees Are The Perfect Luau Party Decoration And I've Found Lots Of Them. Get Ready For Summer And Luau Fun With These Palm Ideas.

Did you know that the Luau or the Tropical Beach party is one of the most popular themes for late spring and summer parties? I guess no one can resist the swaying palms, the hula dancing, the hawaiian music, the delicious tropical drinks or party menu choices, all those things that make a wonderful party come to happen. Planning a tropical party needs the special decorations that only come from the palms swaying in the wind. That's what this page is all about, palm tree party decorations. Every shape and form of decoration so you can pick the best ideas for your party.

There are several different types of Palm Trees you can use to decorate your summer luau party. Create a fun, tropical party with these decorative palm trees.

The palms in the picture are metallic and they call them jumbos. The are 5 feet tall and they can hang from the ceiling...they come with a hanger for your convenience. Place a few and create a palm grove at your luau party. It will make the perfect spot to take some fun party pictures.

Inflatable Palm Trees

This next picture shows the most commonly seen party palm, the inflatable palm tree. There are two different styles you can use to decorate your luau or beach party. One has a regular bottom and the other has a circular base so it stands upright on it's own. Either will look great in your party room or your backyard.

That was the one without the base and now it's the one with the base. The baseless tree is about 3 feet tall and costs 6.00, while the one with the base is 5 1/2 feet tall and costs 12.00.

Cardboard Cut Out Palm Trees

There are some cardboard party decorations made out of cardboard in the shape of a palm tree. These cut outs are about 3 feet tall and can be put on the walls, hung from the ceiling, taped onto a fence or at the end of a can put these cut outs just about anywhere you like. They are an easy way to decorate for a party and you can position these trees exactly how you want them because they are jointed. They cost a little more than 4.00 each.

Palm Tree Centerpiece

Decorate your party tables with a Palm tree as your centerpiece. I found these cute little trees that would be perfect for the luau or beach party theme.

The Palm Tree Trophy Game Prize

Every party needs some game prizes and the Luau is no different. This palm tree trophy is a great idea to give out as a game prize for a Hula contest, a Limbo contest or Hawaiian Karaoke contest. It's the perfect game prize for a tropical theme party.

Pineapple And Palm Tree Lights

String these lights up around your backyard or party room and let's get this tropical party started. Everyone knows that lights add a festive mood to any party, but when that party is a luau or beach theme party and the lights are in the shapes of pineapples and palm trees...well, that's just as good as it can get. You can have so much fun decorating for this tropical theme party and these lights are going to be one of the highlights of the party decorations you choose. Look how cool these string lights are!

Palm Tree Party Favors?

Feel like giving out some Palm Tree party favors at your luau? Well, there are a couple fun and inexpensive ideas you can think about. Here are some of them. The first is palm tree pens. That's certainly an unusual party favor, but it is fitting. These tropical style pens will give all your guests a bit of the islands to bring back to their desks with them.

Make Some Tropical Music With Palm Maracas

I found these Maracas with palm trees painted on them. They are really pretty and I can just hear everyone shaking them to the tropical music you'll be playing at your luau. I would never have thought of maracas as a tropical party accessory, but when I saw them, I knew they would be perfect.

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Palm Tree Drink Stirrers

Tropical drinks need some cool looking glasses and some tropical style drink stirrers, just like these palm trees.

Tropical Plastic Ware

This tropical plastic ware is another party supply item that will make your luau over the top. Your guests are going to appreciate how much attention you paid to even the tiniest detail with your decorations. I mean, really, palm tree knives, hula girl forks and flamingo spoons, how cool are these!

There are also food picks with a tropical theme. Stick these food picks into your cheese trays, your veggies, your appetizers, your cut up fruit, in fact, stick them into all your party foods.

Here is another style palm tree food pick for you. These metallic picks are palm trees with monkeys. Make your party food sparkle with these festive picks.

Palm Leaf Serving Dishes

These palm leaf serving dishes will really set your tropical theme. They a great place to put your poi or mango flavored salsa...yummy and looks good too.

Fun Luau Party Ideas

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