Terrific Pajama Party Ideas

Who doesn't love pajama party ideas? The slumber or pajama party is one of the most popular parties enjoyed by children and teens. I still have pajama parties with my adult girl friends. We now call them "Girl's Weekend"!

When choosing pajama party ideas you can ask your daughter what theme she will like the best. When you can, it's always best to go to the source where teenagers are concerned! Make up your party guest list, choose a theme and look for pajama party invitation ideas.

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Not everyone needs to spend the night at a pajama party. Some pajama party ideas simply include having the guests arrive in their nightclothes, while others extend to spending the night. Your daughter might want a co-ed party first and when the guys leave it's time for the girl's to start their pajama party! Make sure to determine this first and make certain that this information is clear on the invitations.

If you are planning a sleep over pajama party, choose a time for the party to begin. If your party begins too early, you run the risk of running out of entertainment late into the night. Sleep over pajama parties are best started after 8:00 P.M. Here are some additional pajama party ideas to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Party Invitation Ideas

Here are some easy Pajama party invitation ideas. Use free printable clip art to make the party invitations yourself. Some picture ideas include:

  • Pajamas

  • Nightgowns
  • Pillows
  • People sleeping
  • Beds
  • Photos of your daughter followed by some zzzz's
  • A pillow fight
  • Sleeping bags

You can easily design your own pajama party invitations with a computer. Here is some clip art for your sleep over invites!

Pajama Party Decoration Ideas

Match your pajama party decorations to your party theme. Some fun sleep over party themes are:

  • Bratz

  • Webkinz
  • American Idol
  • Hannah Montana
  • Favorite Movies
  • Teddy Bears

You can use these themes to decorate your daughter's bedroom, the family room or any other place your having this pajama party.

You can hang banners, streamers, balloons, and cutouts. You can find printable party banners online, and you can also find party pictures there too. Your local party store will have plenty of party decorating ideas to match any theme you decide upon. You can also find lots of great party decorations at The Oriental Trading Company. They are one of the cheapest sources of party stuff on the Web.

Pajama Party Activity Ideas

Make sure you have a couple good movies for the girl's to watch! Movies are great for late nights at a pajama party.

The pillow fight is one of the most popular pajama party games. You can have the guest bring their own pillows for the action.

If you select a teddy bear theme, you might want to have "a build a bear workshop." This is a lot of fun and girls can keep their teddy bears as a party favor.

"Beauty makeovers" are always fun and are a great choice. Or you can have a crafty sleep over party. Make a painted pillow case, or a unique pair of bedroom slippers. You can find some cheap, fun party craft kits at The Oriental Trading Company.

Pajama Party Food Ideas

Let the girls make some:

  • cookies and decorate them
  • Make your own Ice Cream Sundaes is always fun
  • Pizza is the perfect Pajama Party food!
  • Lots of fun party snacks...chips, pretzels, fruit

Pajama Party Breakfast Ideas

Some breakfast ideas you can make are:

  • You can make pancakes in fun shapes

  • Fruit salad and dry cereal
  • Eggs and Canadian Bacon
  • A buffet of all of the above.
  • Include some fruit juice and/or smoothies.
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