Paddle Beer Pong Fun

Paddle Beer Pong fun is just like beer pong with a small difference. You bounce the ping pong balls back and forth across the beer pong table using ping pong rackets or make shift rackets to hit the ball back and forth.

What You Need to play paddle beer pong:

Ping pong rackets, or any make shift rackets to use to paddle
Ping pong balls
Plastic cups
Beverage of choice
Game Table

How to play:

Set up the make shift ping pong table. Use any board that is almost as big as a regular ping pong table. Use a net or string to divide the table.

On each side, set up the triangular configuration of cups. You can have the 3-2-1 set up, or 5-4-3-2-1 set up, depending on what both teams agree on...or the way you like it, after all, it's your party! (Your party, your rules)

Fill each cup with the brew, about three fourths of the cup.

Player one of team one and player one of team two would play ping pong, and should the ball fall in any of the cups, the player should drink that cup where the ball fell into.

The team that drinks the least amount of beer is the winner!

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