Over The Hill Birthday Cakes Help Make A Birthday Party Fun!

There are many over the hill birthday cakes you can serve at your birthday party! It's a fun cake to make yourself and you will find lots of ideas on How To right here.

Is your party theme "Over the Hill?" Or is it an age? Like 30th, 40th, or 50th?

Make a rectangular cake, and a dozen cupcakes. Frost the cake and the cupcakes and pile the cupcakes onto the center of the cake in a circle, and top that stack with more and you will soon have a hill...5 cupcakes, 4 cupcakes, 2 cupcakes and top off with the last cupcake. Get a picture of the Birthday guy or gal, cut it out, stick it onto a lollipop stick or something similar and stick it in the cupcake on the top like a flag.

Now that's easy enough!

If your going for a decade birthday party theme you can make lots of cupcakes and design them into the amount of years...30, 40 etc. That's another way to decorate for an over the hill birthday idea.

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