Oscar the Grouch Costume Ideas For Halloween

Get Some Fun Oscar The Grouch Costume Ideas For Halloween Dress Up Fun! His And Her Oscar Costumes Will Make A Funny Costume Idea For Couples.

You all know who Oscar the Grouch is...the grouchy green guy from Sesame Street...you know, the one who lives in a trash can. Look at the Oscar the Grouch facts on this page to learn all about this trash can living grouch who is one of the most popular Sesame Street characters. And you can see the fun Halloween costumes I found with Oscar as the theme. Have fun this year with an Oscar costume!

Sesame Street - Oscar the Grouch Child Costume - 10/12Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Teen Costume

Sesame Street characters are always popular Halloween costume ideas and Oscar is more fun than most...why? Because Oscar is Grouchy! You can be as crabby as you like when you are in this green Grouch costume! Read more about Oscar The Grouch with our Oscar Facts!

Reasons To Look For Oscar The Grouch Costume Ideas

Oscar is a Grouch and he is one of the Sesame Street characters. Here are some fun facts about this loveable...Grouch.

Oscar is furry and green. He was orange during the first season of Sesame Street.

Oscar loves Trash...in fact, he lives in a trash can

His favorite song is "I Love Trash"

Bruno the trash man moves Oscar's can around.

Oscar's pets are Slimey the worm and Fluffy the elephant.

The only nice things that Oscar likes are human children.

He was born in Minto, New Brunswick which is in Canada.

His trash can is much bigger inside than it looks on the outside. Here are some of the things Oscar keeps inside his trash can:

  • An Art Gallery
  • A Bowling Alley
  • A Farm
  • An Ice-skating Rink (once used by Olympic skater Peggy Fleming)
  • A Piano
  • A Stereo System
  • A Train Set named "Grouch Central Station"
  • A Toy Boat named "The Queen Muddy"
  • A Trampoline
I am sure there is lots more stuff crammed into Oscar's trash can...I wonder if Oscar is a hoarder? Did you know that many of the Sesame Street characters have visited Oscar's trash can? His list of visitors includes:
  • Bernie the piano tuner
  • Olivia
  • David
  • Mr. Hooper
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie and her son Cody
  • Barkley
  • Natasha
  • Telly Monster
  • Zoe
  • An Octopus
  • Snuffy
  • Sonny Friendly
  • Wanda Costeau, a fish who explores on land
  • Gina
  • Susan and Gordon's adopted son, Miles and his band
Find out more fun facts at The Oscar The Grouch Section of Muppet Wikia.

I know all you Oscar fans out there are remembering the good times you spent with Oscar while you watched him on Sesame Street. Those fun times are why you would be looking at an Oscar Halloween costume in the first place. This loveable green Grouch makes a fun Halloween costume idea and everyone will get a kick out of seeing you dressed up to look like this furry green muppet so many of us find fun.

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You can also find other Sesame Street character costumes including Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, The Count...and more...take a look now!

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