Oscar Party Ideas

Oscar Party Ideas and Oscar Party Supplies For Your Academy Awards Night Movie Party!

Get all the fun ideas need to plan an exciting Oscar Party. Find Oscar Party Supplies like:
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  • decorations
  • supplies
  • games
  • food suggestions
  • game prizes and movie awards

15' Red Carpet Runner

Oscar Party Invitations - Roll Out The Red Carpet

Start off your party ideas with some Award Winning party invitations. Here's where you set the mood for your party by letting your invited guests know the theme of the party and what the dress code is. Get that party anticipation started right from the start. I found a great pack of invitations for your movie night party at the Oriental Trading Company.

Search for movie night invitations in a box. Each come in sets of 12 and each invitation is a box that contains a 1 ounce bag of popcorn in a box...everyone will know what kind of theme your party is having as soon as they see this unique party invitation. Movie Night Invitations In A Box Are Perfect For Oscar Party Ideas!

Just look how great these box style invites look! Now that you have seen them, no other invitation is going to thrill you...or your party guests...as much as these. They are going to let everyone know this is going to be one party no one wants to miss out on!

Fill out the invites with all the important information, include an RSVP number and wait for the responses to roll in. These unique invitations are fun to send out and even more fun to receive. I just love these movie night box invitations to introduce your Oscar Party Ideas to all your guests.

Oscar Party Decorations

Start your Oscar Party Ideas by thrilling your friends when they walk up the red carpet, just like at the Hollywood Oscar Party. Have some paparazzi ready and waiting to take pictures of your party stars as they arrive for the "Academy Awards Celebration" at your home. It's all part of the fun at a Hollywood style party.

Get a Movie Night Photo Door Banner to take fun party pictures of all  your guests!

Click on the photo banner picture to visit the Oriental Trading Company online party supplies catalog where you can find gold stars, movie night cardboard cutouts...signs that say "Opening Night", "Take 1", "Movie Night" and other Hollywood movie opening phrases. Get some Director's Clapboards and stick and peel Hollywood Stars...just like you find on the sidewalks in Hollywood. Hang a Personalized Movie Night Banner up to let everyone know they are in the right place. Your Oscar Party Ideas can be easy to plan and arrange for with these simple, but fun decorating ideas.

Oscar Party Supplies With A Movie Night Theme

Get these fun Oscar Party Supplies and set your table with Movie Night party supplies...paper plates, cups and napkins all decorated with a movie party theme, plus matching cutlery, table cloth, streamers and balloons...even some decorative confetti to sprinkle around the table. These party packs come in various sizes...I've just described the smallest, most basic party box...pick the size that works best with your Oscar Party Ideas.

Oscar Party Supplies For Your Movie Night Party Ideas. Set your table with these fun party supplies and serve up some movie night party food. Lots of Hors d'Ĺ“uvre and finger foods are perfect for movie night parties. Add some colorful drinks in fancy movieland style glasses and you've got a Hollywood buffet. You could always get really Hollywood and serve a sit-down dinner complete with a wait staff. Enjoy conversations about the movie and actors up for awards while the waiters and waitresses take dinner orders.

Let each guest fill out "Who Will Win" Sheets and guess who will win for best actress, best actor, best director, and of course, best movie. The guest with the most correct answers will deserve an Oscar of their own!

Oscar Party Games

Well, we've already given a fun idea to start your Oscar Party Games off with the "Who Will Win" questionnaires. Now let's find more fun ideas about party games that are fun at an Academy Awards Party.

Academy Awards Charades...have each team or couple act out a famous actress, actor or movie...using past Academy Award winners.

Oscar Night Trivia...gather fun trivia questions about past Oscar winning movies, stars, music and directors. Or find some great printable movie games at our favorite online printable games site, Python Printable Games. Look at this fun collection of fun movie and Hollywood star related printable games you will find. Everyone will enjoy playing these hilarious party games.

Printable Oscar Party Games Pack

Oscar Party Favors And Game Prizes

You can find party favors and Oscar party game prizes along with all these decorations and party supplies. And what's the best prize for Oscar Party Games?

And The Winner Is... Here is the Best Oscar Party Game  Prize...Give everyone statues as game prizes or party favors.

A GOLD STATUE, of course!

Take a look at these statues that you can give to game winners or all of your party guests. Make the most of these wonderful ideas and party supplies! Make your Oscar Party Ideas thrill your guests with unique and fun idea that will have them "Buzzing" about your Hollywood party for months to come.

Send each of your party guests a photo of themselves...entering your party on the red carpet or during the party winning a statue of their own. The photo banner is another fun picture idea you can use!

Academy Award Trivia

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Oscar Party Ideas

Oscar Night party games. Great Academy Award trivia! Get yours now