Olivia the Pig Party Ideas and Supplies

It's Olivia the Pig Party Time! It’s that time of year again…birthday time! Your child wants an Olivia the Pig party theme...and you said yes. Preparing for a party can be frustrating but with the following tips you’ll have a party that is sure to please...both you and your daughter!

Olivia Party Favor Box

Olivia Deluxe Party Pack Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Olivia Deluxe Party Pack Pack

Let's Meet Olivia The Pig

Who is Olivia? Olivia is a pig with a BIG imagination. She is a drama queen, fashionista and is wise beyond her years. Olivia pops in and out of fantasy and reality pretending she is everything from a pop star to a mommy which makes a great situation for a party. Olivia is six years old and she is just like any other preschool child we know.

The Olivia books were written by Ian Falconer. When he saw his new neice for the first time he said he was entranced by her and as a present to her he began to write the Olivia books. What a beautiful labor of love to his neice and now to all of us...we get to share in the wonderful stories and adventures of this sweet imaginative character.

Olivia the Pig Characters

Let's meet the characters who star with Olivia in the TV show. There are several fun characters featured regularly in the show. Olivia’s Family and Friends are:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Ian
  • William
  • Grandma
  • Perry the dog
  • Edwin the cat
  • Mrs. Hogenmuller - Olivia’s eccentric teacher
  • Julian - Olivia’s best friend
  • Francine - Olivia’s neighbor and rival
The colors for Olivia the pig party decorations are:
  • Red
  • White
  • Pink

Olivia Dinner Plates (8)

Olivia Giant Wall Decals

Games For An Olivia the Pig Party

Here are some fun party games with an Olivia theme. Here are two fun ideas for Olivia party games:

  • Olivia Dress Up (provide different costumes or fun dress up items and have the guests make their own creations and put on a skit for everyone at the party)
  • Musical Stars (just like musical chairs, but use cut out stars with Olivia characters on them)
  • The Olivia Party Pinata The Olivia pinata is a pull string model so it's safe for preschool aged children. Olivia wouldn't have it any other way!

Olivia Classic Tin Purse Asst.

Olivia Floor Puzzle

Olivia 18" Pull-String Pinata

Olivia Party Craft Ideas

Kids love crafts and they make a wonderful party activity so here are some Olivia party craft ideas:

  • Olivia Piggy Bank (using an old tissue box, paint the box red and white. Separate the inside into three sections labeled spend, share, save)
  • Make An Olivia Shirt...An Olivia style fashionista dress (use an old adult sized t-shirt. Decorate with ribbon, fabric paint, glitter, or even plastic gems, let them dry and send them down the runway)
  • The Olivia Floor Puzzle Let your party guests work together to put this Olivia Jig Saw puzzle together. It has 50 pieces and when it's done it is a 3 foot, jumbo-sized puzzle of Olivia.

Olivia Party Cakes or Cupcake Ideas

Every birthday party has to focus on the Cakes or the Cupcakes and an Olivia the Pig party is no different. Let's find the perfect birthday cake or cupcake decorating ideas for your daughter's birthday cake:

  • Olivia cupcakes (take any flavor cupcake, pink frosting and using marshmallows make a pig face)
  • Here's an Olivia Cake Idea...for an easier option using three cakes, frost each with pink, red, or white. Decorate them with stripes, polka dots, or stars.
  • The last Olivia Cake decorating idea I have to share with you can be used on cakes or cupcakes...it's edible cake images and you can find them on eBay. With these easy to use edible cake images all you have to do is bake and frost your cake or cupcakes and put the cake images right on top. The images are made with rice paper and sugar...they blend right into the frosting. It's very easy to use them.

Once you use an edible cake image the way you think about cake decorating is going to change! These edible cake toppers make it so easy to decorate a beautiful cake with almost no effort what so ever...try it just once and you will see what I mean.

The Olivia the Pig party ideas are fun and festive! Enjoy the party and this special day in an Olivia the Pig sort of way!

Olivia 18" Foil Balloon

Olivia Activity Placemats (4)

Olivia Centerpiece

Free Olivia the Pig Printable Games and Activities

Nick Jr. is home to Olivia and they have two pages of free printables that you can use any time you like. Print out these games and activities to entertain your children every day. Use them as accessories when you are planning your Olivia birthday party. You will find:

  • Olivia Straw toppers
  • Olivia and Edwin the Cat iron ons
  • Olivia and Perry iron ons
  • Olivia iron ons
  • What Olivia needs coloring book
  • Olivia's Designer dress pack (dress up jewelry for you to cut out and wear)
  • Olivia Coloring Sheets
  • Olivia's Photo Frame party favor
  • Olivia Dress up certificate
  • Olivia Dress Up Party Invitations
  • Olivia's Designer autograph book
  • Paper Doll pack
  • Olivia's Planner calendar
  • Valentine's Color page
  • Olivia's Valentine cards
  • Door Signs
  • Paper Puppets

You are going to be doing a lot of printing! There are 18 things you can print out at home for your child. Here's where to get all the Olivia the Pig Printables and Coloring Pages

Olivia Dessert Plates (8)

Olivia Sticker Sheets (4)

Olivia Empty Favor Boxes (4)

Olivia Party Food Should Be Red, Pink and White

You can also find some interesting recipe ideas at Nick.

  • One is for Red Velvet Olivia cupcakes...these red cupcakes are frosted with pink icing and pink chocolate shaped like Olivia's ears and nose...then outlined with pink gel or frosting. Her eyes look like bits of chocolate chips or small pieces of licorice. These cupcakes are easy and look fun to make...and serve!

  • There is also a bowl of red soup with a heart drizzled on top...I think you could do that with red apple sauce and a little bit of the pink gel or frosting from the cupcakes. Just draw a heart on top of the bowl.

You get the main idea...Olivia's favorite colors are pink, red and white so make your party food and desserts pink, red and white too. Here is where you can find these delicious and colorful

Olivia the Pig Recipes

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