Olivia Party Supplies

Get The Olivia Party Supplies You Need To Plan And Host An Olivia The Pig Birthday Party. Kids Are Crazy About Olivia!

I found lots of wonderful party supplies with an Olivia the Pig theme. It's a bright, colorful and fun party theme kids will enjoy. And it's easy since all the supplies, favors, decorations, cake or cupcake ideas and gift ideas, you need are right here.

Olivia Ultimate Party Pack for 8

Olivia The Pig Party Invitations

Like any other party, start your Olivia the Pig party with these fill in party invitations. All you have to do is pick a party date, place and time, fill those details in these invites, add an RSVP number, and send them out. These invitations are easy to use and look at how wonderful Olivia looks on them.

Olivia Invitations (8)

The RSVP number will help you to get a round about count for your party. That means you will know an approximate number of guests so you can plan your food and favors around that number. Always have a couple extra party favors and cupcakes just in case some extra guests drop in!

Get An Olivia The Pig Party Banner

Start your party decorations off with a personalized Olivia the Pig party banner. A party banner is a great decorating tool. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these personalized Olivia signs.

It's pretty thrilling for the birthday child to have their own picture on a banner...you can see for yourself how cute it is.

Olivia The Pig Party Decorations

There are plenty of Olivia party supplies and decorating ideas for you to look at. Find:

Olivia Giant Wall Decals

Three Olivia Party Supplies Packs To Choose From

You can buy Olivia party supplies in individual packages. The plates, cups, napkins and other supplies are usually sold in packs of 8. Buying them individually, you can get just what you need and choose the supplies you want. With the pre-packed party packs you can get the supplies you need all in one box and you can save a bit of money. Get the party supplies you need in the package or box you want. The pre-packed boxes come in basic, deluxe and the ultimate sizes, so take a look at what you get and find the pack or box that just what you are looking for.

Olivia Deluxe Party Pack Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Olivia The Pig Party Favors

Olivia Party Favors also come in individual packs or in a cute party favor box decorated with...Olivia, of course! Each of the favor boxes has to be folded together, that's pretty easy to do, and then you get to put the favors in each box. The party favors you get are:

  • Olivia Sticker sheet
  • Olivia yo-yo
  • Olivia notepad
  • a pink brush and heart mirror set
  • mini star wand
  • princess tiara
  • and a box of 4 crayons
As party favors go, this Olivia party favor box would be considered a great haul! Or if you like to pick out your favors one by one, here are some cute ideas.

Here are some great Olivia Classic Tin Purses and they would make a terrific kids party favor, if your party has an Olivia the Pig theme.

Olivia Tin Box Carry All Asst.

Olivia Cake And Cupcake Ideas

Get out the cake mix and the red icing or cake decorations! Olivia loves red, so it's only right that a birthday cake that's decorated in her honor should have some red. I also found these edible cake toppers. The cake toppers are easy to use, just lay them on top of your baked, frosted birtdhay cake. Let it sit for a while and watch the topper become part of the frosting.

These fun Olivia party supplies will make your party fun for all your guests. If you type Olivia cupcakes into the search box, you will find some cupcake picks and decorating ideas.

How About An Olivia T-Shirt?

Won't your daughter look great in an Olivia the Pig T-shirt? These shirts come in several sizes and would make a great party favor, or party outfit for the birthday girl. And what does the T-shirt say? It says, "Pretty In Red" and that's because Olivia's favorite color is red.

Olivia T-Shirt (5/6)

Olivia Party Games

If you are going to play a party game make sure it has an Olivia theme, like this pull string party pinata. Just fill it up with goodies and treats, and let the kids have a blast pulling strings until the goodies spill out.

Olivia Gift Ideas

I also found a couple of cute party gift ideas and like everything else on this page, they have an Olivia theme.

Olivia Puzzle (1)

Zoobies Olivia Storytime 3 in 1 Plush Pals

Did you find all the Olivia Party Supplies you need? If you are looking for something and haven't found it on this page, hit the contact button on the left hand Nav bar and I will try to find it for you.

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