Ocean Party Supplies and Decorations

Find all the Ocean party supplies and the Ocean party decorations you need for that kids birthday party. Does your son or daughter love the under the sea world? Is Shark Tales, Finding Nemo or Ariel, the Little Mermaid their favorite cartoon character?

Ocean Friends Cups

Ocean Friends Dinner Plates

Ocean Friends Deluxe Favor Set

Ocean Party Decorations

These Ocean party decorations are cute and colorful as can be. They are a wonderful choice for a kids birthday party theme, and party supplies are easy to find...that's a big help when you are planning a party. Take a look at the birthday banner or the Clown Fish pinata...imagine the look on your child's face when they see those decorations. Look at the party favor box, filled with under the sea goodies...perfect for a party favor. Or get your own favors, the shark tattoos are really cool. If your party kids are too young for the shark tattoos, take a look at the more colorful Ocean Friends tattoos...they are more for the Finding Nemo crowd...and they are cute as can be.

Ocean Friends Sticker

Ocean Friends Streamer

Ocean Friends Tattoos

Ocean Friends Cupcake and Cake Ideas

I've got the perfect Ocean Friends Cupcake or cake ideas...use blue frosting...just add a few drops of blue food coloring into white icing and stir. Frost your cupcakes blue and put a gummy shark on each one. It will look like waves with a shark in them and the kids will love them. And it's easy as can be. If you would prefer to serve a birthday cake instead of cupcakes, just use the blue icing to make waves and add lots of sharks to the water. Easy cupcake decorating ideas or cake designs always make planning a kids party easy!

Sea Animals

Shark Gummy Candy

Shark Pinata

Check out the Little Mermaid party supplies if you are planning a mermaid party for your littl girl. Under the Sea party ideas and Ocean Friend party ideas work together. There are so many interesting and fun party supplies and decorations you can find in both patterns.

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