Obama Mask For Halloween

The Obama Mask is very popular this Halloween, and so is Lady Gaga...who knew! The Barack Obama Halloween mask is easy to find and it's a fairly cheap costume idea. You can find it for just under 20.00, unless you happen to have a coupon...then it will be even cheaper. Let's face it, you will never be able to be the President of the United States of America for any where near twenty five dollars!

There are two styles of the Masked version of our President's likeness. The first one is the Vinyl Obama mask and it also has the perfect mask for all you couple costume seekers...the Michelle mask, yes, a mask of our First Lady. Take a look...to find out more information, just click on the picture to see the online Halloween costume catalog.

Wow, it's like the President's head is floating on my web page!

Here's Michelle's head floating near to her husband, Barack. Mrs. Obama, I do have to say, this isn't a good likeness...you are much better looking in person!

And then there is the Deluxe mask styled after President Obama...it's a little more costly, but it's still a pretty cheap costume idea.

If you decide not to get an Obama Halloween mask there is still the Barack Obama stand up decoration available to you. If you are not going to be him for Halloween, at least bring him to the party!

Political humor is alive and well in America today, as it has been for hundreds of years. It's funny to wear a mask of our President, but it's also an honor to have a mask made of your face. You've got to be a very well known character...and President Obama certainly is that.

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