No Sew Halloween Costumes

Here are some really great no sew Halloween costumes that will help you out. If you want to make your own Halloween costume but lack the Suzy-Homemaker skills to sew up some complicated garb, here are some costume making instructions.

Monet, Van Gough, or Picasso

Go as a famous painter! To make your homemade no sew costumes begin with an old, worn out pair of pants. Wear a white smock over them; these can be found at any art supply or hobby store. Splatter it with paint (any paint will do-watercolor, house paint, whatever you've got lying around). Make a palette out of cardboard; cut it out to the size you would like. Don't forget to cut a hole for your hand!

Use paint to make different colored circles around the outside edge of the palette. You can glue a paintbrush to the palette itself, or carry it around. For the finishing touches, use an eyeliner pencil or Halloween face paint makeup to draw a small moustache and/or goatee on your face. Grab a beret, and you're all set!

A Bag of Jelly Beans

For this one of those no sew Halloween costumes that everyone will get a kick out of. You will need white tights and a white leotard, a large clear garbage bag, a long piece of ribbon, and several small balloons. Begin by cutting two holes in the garbage bag for your legs; step inside the “bag”. Blow up the balloons, making sure to keep them small enough to resemble jelly beans. Fill up the “bag” and tie with the ribbon loosely around the neck or under the arms. You can place a sign on the front of the “bag” or use self-adhesive letters to let everyone know you are a full of gourmet jelly beans.

Basket of Laundry

Visit your local store and buy the cheapest and lightest laundry basket you can find. Make sure it will be large enough at the bottom to fit around your middle though. Cut a hole in the bottom large enough for you to fit through, and tie clothesline or other sturdy cord for suspenders. Fill the basket around you with laundry, hang laundry from the suspenders and the outside of the basket with clothespins. You can use an empty detergent box or pillow case as a trick-or-treat candy basket.

See, you don't have to be the best seamstress in the world to have a great, unique, hand made Halloween costume! Your imagination and some easy-to-find items are all you need to make these unique, no sew Halloween costumes.

It's easy and cheap to make your own Halloween costumes. Our no sew Halloween costume instructions will have you out, dressed up, trick or treating in no time!

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