Ni Hao Kai Lan Our New Mandarin Chinese Friend

Ni Hao Kai Lan Our Newest Party Supplies Theme

Ni Hao Kai Lan our newest party supplies theme. Kai Lan is Mandarin Chinese and she teaches us about her heritage and culture. And she also teaches us her language. It's a really unique party theme that you can also learn from! Education can be fun...Kai Lan proves it, along with other bi-lingual friends like Dora the Explorer, Go Diego and Handy Manny.

WOW...that Dragon party centerpiece is not only colorful, there is a great party story behind it. You can tell your party guests how the dragon is very important in the Chinese culture. Lanterns are good luck in China, so use the red lanterns to decorate your party room.

Use common place things that are available to you. Take out Chinese food containers can make fun party favor containers or let your party guests decorate some with markers, glitter, sequins, dragon stickers or dragon clip art. Get some beginner chop sticks to eat with, order in some Chinese food or make your own. Kai Lan is a fun and diverse party theme. You can really have a lot of fun with this one.

Go to our Ni Hao Kai Lan party ideas page to find more interesting, fun and unique party ideas.

Hit that last link banner for Birthday in a Box to find these really fun Kai Lan party games, activities and ideas!

  • You can learn how to make Tissue Flowers!...learn how to make big, flowers out of colored tissue paper and pipe cleaners and then let your guests make them.
  • Make some Origami folding paper you can make butterflies. This craft will really be fun
  • Tell Me if I'm Wrong...Tell Me if I'm Wrong is a party game with an animal-theme circle. It's great for younger children
  • Charades...No speaking while you are playing Charades. Watch the kids attempt to imitate a character or thing while their friends try to decifer the clues!
  • Forcing the City Gates...Red Rover, but a Chinese version. Red Rover is a game where the kids try to break through the city gates...Lots of fun!
  • Chop Stick Relay...This relay race can be lots of fun...pick up cotton balls with chop sticks, but no running.
  • Chase the Dragon's Tail...It harder to catch the dragon's tail than it looks, especially when you do it without breaking the rest of the line
  • Free Printable Super Happy Coloring Page...a free coloring page for you to print out. Use this coloring page at your kids birthday party

To see more party theme ideas for kids go visit our Kids Birthday Party Ideas page.

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