New Moon Party Invitations

New Moon Party Invitations are easy to find online. It's just a simple matter of knowing where to find them. Of course, if you are the creative type you can make your own New Moon invitations. It's another very simple craft project that you will find relaxing and enjoyable.

The Twilight Saga certainly has affected many of us in mysterious ways, hasn't it? I know I am an obsessed Stephenie Meyer Saga the characters, the story line, the books and the movies. And so do millions of other people and that is why a New Moon Party is such a great idea.

Get all the tips and decorating ideas you need with this handy Twilight Party Guide from our friends at!

Twilight Party Deluxe Birthday Box

Our Twilight Deluxe Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Disney Princess party decorations, and birthday candles.

Twilight Favor Set

One set of Twilight favors, favor bag, crinkle paper and twist tie.

Twilight Party Birthday Box

This basic party package for 8 guests includes plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, cutlery, streamers, and candles.

Buy Your New Moon Party Invitations

Here is a link you can follow to buy your New Moon party invitations. These are special invitations...they are personalized! These invites match the New Moon party supplies perfectly. You can find banners, plates, cups, napkins, balloons, a party pack filled with most of the Twilight party supplies you will need and even some stickers, pins and tattoos...all with a New Moon theme at Birthday in a Box. If you would rather buy your party invitations and leave the crafting to others, here is what you are looking for.

Vampire Moon Personalized Banner

This non-tear, water-resistant Vampire Moon Personalized Banner measures 15" x 60" and comes with 2 banner hanger attachments. The banner hangers can be used with string (not included) to hang your personalized banner. (Each)

Vampire Moon Personalized Button

Each of our 2.25"-round Vampire Moon Personalized Buttons can be printed with a guest's name or a brief message. Have your guests wear their personalized buttons as nametags, or use the buttons to personalize your guests' favor bags. (Each)

Vampire Moon Personalized Invitation

Each of our Vampire Moon Personalized Invitations measures 5" x 7" and comes with an envelope. (Each)

Learn how to Dazzle your party guests with your own homemade or your personalized purchased New Moon party invitations!

Making Your Own New Moon Party Invitations

If you are making your own New Moon party invitations, take a look at these personalized invites for some crafty ideas! You can use the same colors or you can go with the traditional Twilight red and black color theme. Either one is nice, it's just a matter of which is your favorite.

Use the craft paper in the Clair de Lune pattern you will find on Make Twilight Party Invitations or you can find a pattern that you like even better...hey, if you do, please contact me and let me know! I'm always looking for great Twilight or New Moon party ideas!

For New Moon, I suggest using brown and black construction paper and then a little bit of light pink paper to soften the look. It goes very nicely with the party supplies.

How To Make New Moon Party Invitations

To make New Moon party invitations you will need:

  • Black construction paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Light pink or beige construction paper
  • New Moon Stickers or ClipArt
  • A pen
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Thin paint brush
1. Just cut a black piece of construction paper in half. Take each half and fold it in half.

2. Cut a piece of brown construction paper into 4 equal rectangles. Trim each of these rectangles so they are smaller than your pieces of black construction paper.

3. The next step can be done in two ways. The inside pink or beige paper is where you are going to write your party information. You can do that using a pen or you can print them out on your computer printer using a fancy script...perhaps in Edward's font or Alice's...she is the Cullen family party planner!

4. Take the pink or beige construction paper, cut them the same way, into four pieces, and then cut them even smaller than the brown paper.

5. You are going to layer these pieces. First you will have the black card. Glue a piece of brown construction paper to the front of your black card and another one inside the black card where a cards printing usually is.

6. Then if you are using the pink or beige paper, glue that on top of the brown papers. Your invitations should have a layered look.

7. Now think about where you want to place your stickers or your clip art. You are going to have to write details inside the card, (you can do that before you glue the pieces in).

8. Use the glitter lightly over the front of your decorated invitation. Just apply some glue with a thin paint brush, pour some glitter on it, shake off the excess and take a look at your completed invitation.

Now your invites are done and all you have to do is mail them or hand deliver them to your party guests.

It's really simple to make your own New Moon party invitations and it's a nice touch. Your guests will see how much effort you have put into your party planning!

Twilight Stadium Cup

These large, plastic, 3-D stadium cups featuring our Twilight pattern are great for adults and children alike. They make great table decorations and can double as take-home keepsakes or game prizes.

Twilight Sticker

Each of these packages contains 4 sheets each featuring a large single Twilight Sticker. Incorporate these Twilight stickers into an art project during the party, or use them as party favors. Either way, your guests will love them!

Twilight Beverage Napkins

Each of these packages includes 16 of our Twilight beverage napkins to perfectly complement your other Twilight party supplies.

This product is made with 30% recycled fiber. This product is made with 30% recycled fiber.

More New Moon Party Ideas

Which ever way you decide to get your party invitations, whether you buy them or make them, your party planning will be a fun experience for you. You are on your way to becoming the hostess of the most fun and exciting theme party of the year!

You can make up New Moon trivia questions with the help of a few friends or by looking up quotes and facts in the book. It's always fun to play some Twilight Trivia and it's a great way to start your party off to a fun start.

Split your party into teams for the evenings games. Name them Team Edward and Team Jacob for some extra fun. Planning lots of games and activities is the key to making your New Moon party a success. Everyone likes to be kept busy having fun at a party. Make sure you check out the Twilight Party Guide for some great party game ideas that are perfect for a New Moon party. Party games and party crafts like:

  • Vampire Bobbing for Apples A chilly twist on this favorite game!
  • Twilight Trivia Game Divide guests into teams and test their knowledge of the stories. Use the New Moon book as a reference for your trivia questions and answers or use all of the books from Stephenie Meyers' Twilight Saga.

  • The Cullen Vampire Bookmark Craft Guests create their own Twilght's New Moon keepsake bookmark with our printable template.

  • Vampire Scavenger Hunt Send guests on a hunt to find vampire-related items, Twilight vampire items, that is.

  • Vampire Word Search There are lots of hidden words to find in this challenging word search! Use the Cullen family names hidden among the other letters.

  • Vampire Bracelet Craft Just a few simple items are needed to create these fun bracelets! Use simple charms, like a wolf.

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