Nativity Coloring Pages

Nativity Coloring Pages tells the story, through pictures, of the birth of Jesus Christ. This Christmas season teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas.

Some of the Christmas Coloring Sheets you will find are:

  • Angel tell Mary about Jesus
  • Angel and shepherds
  • Angel watching over Baby Jesus
  • Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus
  • The wisemen see the star
There are a lot more too.

Some Nativity Coloring Pages

There are more pages for you to print out and give to your kids to color. Here you will find:
  • Nativity Scene
  • Drummer Boy
  • Make Joyful Noise
  • Angels on High
  • Three Kings - Kids
  • Manger Scene
  • Mary and Baby
  • Mary and Joseph
  • We Three Kings
And lots more

More Bible Coloring Pages

Here are the last of these free holiday printable sheets. There are 24 free printable coloring sheets for you below. Pictures of Christmas include:
  • Angels
  • Angel Gabriel
  • Sheperds
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Baby Jesus
  • The Star of Bethlehem
  • The Wisemen

Use these wonderful pages as a holiday party activity or just a fun project for your children on a rainy or snowy afternoon. Do you teach at Bible school or help with a Sunday school class? Why not print some out for your class party? Your students will enjoy these pages around the holidays...or any time of year!

24 More

If you're looking for some more holiday fun party ideas you can go to Christmas Party Games

Do you like to bake and make special treats? How would you like some candy recipes? Candy is really easy to make, and homemade candy tastes great! You can make these special treats to give to friends, family and teachers during the holiday season...You will find lots of delicious candy recipes to make at Christmas Candy Recipes

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