Napoleon Dynamite Costumes - Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Napoleon Dynamite Costumes For Anyone Who Wants Some Funny Halloween Costume Ideas.

This is a great costume idea and one of the best movies ever. You really feel like you know the characters by the time the movie is over and you really like them. If you haven't seen this film, please's great.

Adult Napoleon Dynamite Costume - Napoleon Dynamite Costumes

Napoleon Dynamite Adult Costume

The costume set here doesn't include the wig so when you click on the link make sure you read what comes with this purchase.

You can also find the Adult Vote For Pedro T-Shirt Accessory Kit. You get the T-shirt, the glasses and the wig!

Of course, a Napoleon costume is pretty easy to make just need regular jeans and tee shirts...perhaps you could make one that says, "Pedro For President" or "Pedro Offers You His Protection"...either quote would be good. In the picture he is wearing pants not jeans...take your pick.

Pedro and Deb are also easy to make. They all wear pretty everyday clothes...they are not stylish at all. Take a look at Napoleon's boots...

Napoleon Dynamite Moon Boots -

Fun Facts About Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite Fun Facts

The actor who played Napoleon Dynamite is named Jon Heder.

Jon Heder permed his hair for the movie.

Napoleon Dynamite claims he has killed over 50 wolverines.

Napoleon Dynamite's door has a sign on it that reads "Pegasus Xing"

If you liked this movie these Napoleon Dynamite costumes we have on this page will thrill you.

Napoleon's best friend's name is Pedro and his brother's name is Kip.

Kip met his girlfriend on line and her name is LaFawnduh Lucas.

The actor who played Pedro is named Efren Ramirez.

Napoleon's favorite animal is a Liger...a cross between a Lion and a Tigress, and he draws it in the movie.

Napoleon Dynamite wears a famous shirt in the movie that reads "Vote for Pedro"

Napoleon has an uncle which he dislikes, whose name is Rico.

Napoleon has a pet llama named Tina.

One of Napoleon's favorite foods is tater tots.

Napoleon's best friend Pedro ran for class president in the movie.

At the class president speeches, Napoleon performs a dance skit for Pedro's speech to the song Canned Heat by Jamiroquai.

Napoleon likes to draw and Jon Heder drew all of the actual drawings in the movie.

Napoleon has a friend in the movie named Deb.

The actress who played Deb is named Tina Majorino.

Napoleon and Deb play tetherball together at the end of the movie.

Napoleon learned his dance moves from a video that he got from LaFawnduh.

After the credits, Napoleon is shown riding a white horse as a wedding gift for Kip and LaFawnduh.

I know, these Napoleon Dynamite costumes are making me want to watch the movie can get this fun cult classic film at Amazon and you can watch it right away.

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