My Homemade Halloween Cards Look At These Pictures!

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Here are Two Homemade Halloween Cards with A Witch on  them.

Here are Two Homemade Halloween Cards with A Witch on them.

Here are some homemade Halloween cards I am going to send out to my neices and nephews this year. I will post lots of pictures of homemade cards since I have quite a few. There are some really cute designs here.

I've also included a picture of some materials I put together that I am going to make a greeting card out of. I thought you would like to see a before picture of a handmade card to get an idea of what you will need on hand before you make yours.

These two witch cards are very similar. Take a good look at each one and compare them. See what makes each card unique. It is very easy to rearrange the embellishments and wording on cards to make each one special. This way, no one ever gets the same exact card and that is what making your own greeting cards is all about!

You can find lots of supplies and papers at the Oriental Trading Company.

They are a party supply and craft company. They sell novelty items and lots of crafting materials including scrapbook papers, embellishments, stickers, inks and even card stock. Check them out when you need supplies...they usually have some affordable prices.

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