My Favorite Book is........

by Cheyenne

BREAKING DAWN! I mean it has a guilty pleasure that atrracts you to the book. Jacobs Hot But edwards Hot, And edward dosent smell, so as you can see Im on Team Edward. I cant BELIEVE What happened to midnight sun, i mean Im a total addict ive read all of the series, including midnight sun over and over. ive also read the Parody of Twilight, NIGHTLIGHT. Nightlight was Very Funny its About Belle Goose (Instead of swan) Who goes to Oregen and meets the mysterious Edwart Mullen who isnt really a vampire! 5 stars for twilight and night light! If YOu sooooo want things like i have (edward Blanket, Twilight Journals, Twilight candy, The books, the New Moon and twilight movie companions, posters, Board games, book marks, Key Chains, and necklaces)Go to borders, they have a whole Section on twilight as well as Barnes and Noble.

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