My daughter is also having a Twilight Birthday Party

by Chaz
(Central Illinois)

My daughter is having a Twilight Themed Birthday Party for her 14th birthday on March 21st. Since that is the Twilight DVD release date we plan on watching Twilight the Movie at the end of the party.

My plan is so far,

Birthday invitations in id badges with lanyards that look like movie passes. You can buy those online but it is much cheaper if you make your own. I made 15 for around $10.00.

We are taking out all the furniture in the living room, except the TV, covering the walls with black plastic table cloth, and hanging twinkle lights, i have 4 twin mattresses that we are going to lay down and cover with black blankets to relax on to view the movie.

We are going to play character charades, a scavenger hunt, match Twilight quotes with each Twilight characters name, for a extra hint I will use the handwriting font of the person.

I am going to cook the same dinner that the Cullens cooked for Bella.

My daughter will be wearing the body glitter since the sun should be shining on her all day.

I had already thought of the red velvet cake with black icing and a apple on the top.

I'm still thinking of more ideas for more decorations and games.

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Twilight The Movie Birthday Party Ideas
by: Jillian

Hi Chaz, A Twilight the Movie Birthday Party is going to be very popular this month! March 21st is a big day for Twilighters!

Here's a movie snack suggestion: You can use Popcorn as a movie snack and put a few drops of red food coloring in the butter, so it's red!

I see you are going to use the Twilight Fonts for your trivia quiz! (Zephyr is my favorite, but I don't know where to get it online free) That should be fun! You will really weed out the true Twilight Fans by seeing who recognizes the script!

I see you are planning to make "Italiano" for your party guests...they should enjoy that.

As for more decoration ideas...have you looked for some movie posters? I have seen them online for a couple dollars each...and I think that's pretty cheap. Here is a link: it will take you to an ad that has Twilight Posters for .95...yes that is ninety five's almost the cheapest price I've seen for a poster! Why almost? Because when you go to the site you will see the posters as low as .49. You can get a couple of them to use as decorations and a couple to use as a prize! Hey, if the shipping charges are reasonable, you might want to use some as a party favor!

Use your Twilight Books and place them around the room as decorations, or cut some Twilight Cast pictures out of magazines and put them into picture frames.

Here's a party activity your daughter and her friends might enjoy...Audition for the Twilight Cast."

Pick a scene out of the book or the movie and let the girls act it out. You can video tape their "auditions" and let them watch them when everyone has had a turn! Now, I think that will be pretty funny...The girls can say the lines as they are written or they can act out a "Twilight spoof" and have some real fun with this game!

Hope I gave you a few more Twilight Party Ideas! Let me know how the party goes! Please tell your daughter "Happy 14th Birthday" from another Twilight Movie Fan!


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