Music Trivia Questions Answers

Music Trivia Questions Answers

1. Jean-Christopher Denner invented which musical instrument?

2. 'Nobody Does it Better' was sung in which Bond film?

3. The 'sackbut' developed into which modern instrument?

4. Which UK band was involved in a US court case, dealing with subliminal messages during the 80s?

5. Robert Alan Zimmerman is who's real name?

6. In 1996 which Celine Dion album won Grammy album of year?

7. 'I Get Around' was a hit for which group?

8. Albert Finney turned down which role, which won Peter O'Toole an Oscar?

9. William Burroughs coined which phrase,that was used by Steppenwolf in 1968?

10. Gary Boker, Bobby Harrison and Ray Rodger were in what pop group?

11. Which drink did Bach enjoy so much he wrote a cantata about it?

12. Who was Led Zeppelin's original lead singer?

13. What pop group had a "Message in a Bottle"?

14. Who composed the music for the opera 'The Tales of Hoffman'?

15. Ernest Evans became famous under what name?

Answers: 1. Clarinet 2. The Spy Who Loved Me 3. Trombone 4. Judas Priest 5. Bob Dylan 6. Falling into You 7. Beach Boys 8. Laurence of Arabia 9. Heavy Metal - Born to be Wild 10. Procul Harem 11. Coffee 12. Robert Plant 13. Police 14. Jacques Offenbach 15. Chubby Checker

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