Thrilling Murder Mystery Party Ideas

How thrilling they are, murder mystery party ideas...A night filled with suspense and intrigue, there's murder in the air. This is the goal of every mystery party and when it comes to finding mystery party ideas there are plenty of options available to choose from.

One of the best advantages to hosting this kind of creative party is the fact that everyone will participate and enjoy the thrill of the mystery. Additionally, though the idea of a murder mystery is generally reserved for an adult party, pre teens and teenagers can also enjoy the suspense of a good mystery.

There are many mystery party kits (no murders!) available that are suitable for younger children as well as adults. When considering the different mystery party ideas read the descriptions carefully so you know how suspenseful the story line is. Everyone who hosts a Mystery theme party will want a different level of suspense. There are also Mystery Party kits that leave out the murder for those hosts just looking for some light suspense.

Murder or mystery parties are often sold in complete kits. These often include the scripts, invitations, recipes, tips for decorating, and sometimes a soundtrack. If you are creative you can choose to create your own scripts and make your very own personalized murder mystery.

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Murder Mystery Party Invitation Ideas

The invitations for your mystery party should exude suspense and mystique. Here are some ideas for murder mystery party invitations:

  • Images of a dead body (such as an outline, or feet extending from one side of the invitation)
  • The Words “Who Dunnit” with a question mark
  • Images of weapons that are used in the murder mystery
  • Murder clip art

Mystery Party Decorations

Your choice of your party decorations and props will depend greatly upon the theme of your murder. The first step in choosing murder mystery party ideas is to settle on a theme. There are many themes that can be used to set the stage for your murder mystery. Have the "Murder" or "Crime" take place:

  • During Medieval Mystery Party
  • In the Roaring 20’s
  • On Halloween, a Haunted Mystery
  • On a Tropical Island
  • In Hollywood
  • At a High School Reunion
  • On a Pirate Ship
  • In The Old West

Costumes and Props

You are going to need some costumes and props for your party, so start looking in your attic. If you don't find everything you need there look in your local Goodwill or Consignment Shops. You might be able to find everything you'll need for your a bargain price!

You can also ask your guests if they have any of the costume or props they need for their specific character. This type of Mystery Party does take some extra planning since you have to invite people who can play the roles, arrange for the props and costuming and prepare (or order) the party food. Be sure to give yourself enough time to accomplish all these tasks. The success of your party depend upon it.

Here are some companies who sell Party Kits with just this theme in mind. Look over the themes for ideas to write your own script or to choose from when you're going to order a kit.

Don't be shy, ask all the questions you need to make your party an Oscar winning Hollywood Hit! Hummm... That could be an idea for your next party!

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