King Mummy Costume - Egyptian Costumes

The King Mummy Costume Is One Of The First Outfits You Think About When You Hear The Words, Egyptian Costumes. Cleopatra Is Another...Perfect For Your Halloween Costume Party Ideas.

Just think about all the times you watched a movie with a Mummy in it...a preserved corpse...did you ever think about wearing a mummy costume on Halloween? Become the remains of Seti I or Rameses II or even the very famous King Tut. Of course you can just wrap yourself in gauze but it won't look as authentic as this costume. Take a look.

Mummy King Costume - Egyptian Costumes

Mummy King Costume - Egyptian Costumes

This costume comes with:
  • An Eyemask
  • Hooded Robe
  • Sash
  • Boot Tips
Add some white makeup and you can also make dark circles around your eyes to give yourself a real dead, yet preserved, look.

How about a Halloween costume for couples with an Egyptian theme? You are thinking Cleopatra, aren't you? I am thinking the Queen Mummy! She is wrapped up so tight yet you can't find a wrinkle on her...and she is old...really old. She has been very well preserved and she is the perfect mate for that King Mummy.

Mummy Queen Costume - Egyptian Costumes

Mummy Queen Costume - Egyptian Costumes

I know, she is better looking than you thought, right? This costume comes with:
  • An Eyemask
  • Hooded Mummy Dress

A Queen for the King. Fun Couples Halloween Ideas are easy to find by clicking on any picture. That will take you to some online Halloween costume stores where you can find hundreds, even thousands, of costume ideas and accessories for kids, teens, adults and even dogs. Find the right outfit and party supplies for your Halloween party ideas!

More Egyptian Costumes

I did mention Cleopatra, didn't I? What page about Egyptian costumes and Mummies is complete without some mention of the Queen of the Nile? You can find a beautiful, Premier Cleopatra Costume Gown at our Cleopatra Egyptian Costumes. Wait until you see this golden costume, it's a real beauty...get ready to sail down the Nile as this exotic Egyptian Queen.

Premier Cleopatra Costume Gown - Egyptian Costumes

Egyptian Resources And Links

Find out more about Egyptian mummies at Mummy Tombs

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