Mulan Coloring Pages...What is Mulan About?

I've found some Mulan Coloring Pages! Do you know who Mulan is? Disney made a wonderful animated movie about this brave young Chinese girl, Fa Mulan, who goes to fight with the Emperor's army in her father's place. You see the Emperor gave each family a conscription notice. This means you must send a son to fight with the army, kind of like a draft, and if you have no son, the father must go. Mulan dresses like a boy and goes in her father's place.

Mulan Saves The Day

Mulan calls herself Ping, and makes three friends in the army who become her friends:

  • Yao
  • Ling
  • Chien-Po

  • Mulan also has Mushu, a dragon and a "lucky" cricket named Cri-kee. And finally, there is also Mulan's horse, Khan.

    Mulan discovers a deception and a plot to kill the Emperor, but she leads her friends to save him. She recieves gifts and treasures from the Emperor and brings them home to give her father. He has no interest in the rewards, he just proclaims that Mulan herself is his "greatest gift and honour". It's a great story!

    The movie is well done, the visuals are wonderful and it has been called by critics, "breathtaking and stunning". If you haven't seen Mulan with your kids, go rent won't be sorry!

    She is a brave and true character and your children can learn some wonderful lessons through the movie.

    Get your Coloring Pages of Mulan here.

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