Mr Potato Head Pumpkin Designs For Halloween

Love Mr Potato Head? Well then these Mr Potato Head Pumpkin Designs Kits Are For You. Make your pumpkin into a witch, a vampire or a pirate with these larger than usual Mr Potato Head accessories. Fun for the entire family without the mess of pumpkin carving.

Mr Potato Head was one of my favorite toys growing up and now, thanks to Toy Story, there is a renewed interest in this decorate a potato toy. Well, now there is a larger than usual Mr Potato Head decorating kit that you can make pumpkin designs with. And you don't have to cut up or gut your pumpkin. I love the idea of decorating my holiday pumpkins without the mess that usually comes along with it.

Mr. Potato Head Witch Pumpkin Decorating KitMr. Potato Head Vampire Pumpkin Decorating Kit

What do you get with these Mr Potato Head Pumpkin Decorating Kits? You get anywhere from 9 to 14 plastic push pieces that you push into the pumpkin. The pieces and amounts will vary depending on which Mr Potato Head pumpkin decorating kit you get.

The Pirate Potato Head Kit has 14 pieces. This scallywag pumpkin kit comes with a pirate's hat, 2 ears with earrings, 1 eye and 1 eyebrown and a pirate's patch, arms and hands... in one is a pirate's sword, a nose, a bushy mustache and feet complete the pirate kits accessories.

The Pumpkin Mr Potato Head Vampire Decorating Kit has 9 parts...a uni-brow, ears, eyes, arms and hands, feet, and a fanged mouth piece.

The Witch Potato Head kit comes with a witch hat, ears with earrings, eyes, arms and is holding a witch's cauldron and one is holding a witch's broom, a mouth, a nose and shoes.

Choose your favorite look or get them all and let everyone have some Mr Potato Head Pumpkin Decorating Fun!

There are more fun ideas you can use that you will enjoy if you like these Mr Potato Head ideas. You can find a pack full of Pumpkin Parts to decorate your holiday pumpkins with.

Mr. Potato Head Pirate Pumpkin Decorating KitPumpkin Parts Decorating Kit

Inside the Pumpkin Parts pack you get enough pieces to make 5 different character faces on your pumpkins. You can make a devil, vampire, franky, skull and a witch face with these simple to use push parts. You just pick the ones you want to use and push them into your pumpkin to make funny or scary face designs. Pumpkin decorating has never been easier! There are 22 pieces in this pumpkin parts pack.

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