Monsters vs Aliens Party

Having a Monsters vs Aliens Party is easy. It's a new and popular party theme for kids and there are all kinds of fun party decorations and party supplies available for you. That really makes it an easy party theme to use.

This brand new movie is due out in a few weeks and it tells the story of Susan Murphy who was late for her wedding. And then gets hit with a meteor. Talk about some bad luck! OH...and she grows to be 49 ft 11 in! The military captures Susan, claiming she is a monster and they detain her with other monsters they have in custody.

The other Monsters include:

  • Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.
  • the Missing Link
  • B.O.B.
  • Insectosaurus

  • When Aliens land on planet Earth,and demand that we humans give the Earth to them...the military decides to let the Monsters save the planet!

    Kids all over, and some of us adults too, are waiting to see this exciting new movie and use these great kids party ideas!

    Why not play some fun party games like "B.O.B. Says" or "Pin the Eye on the Missing Link". It's fun to turn popular classic party games into brand new games by adding a new name or little twist to them. You can bet your little guests will be thrilled with these "New" game ideas!

    Make some cupcakes for your party. Get a marshmallow cut it in half and place it on top of a cupcake you have frosted blue...add a round red soft candy, like a jelly candy or a soft red lifesaver gummy candy, place a chocolate candy, like a chocolate chip, in the center of the red and you have some B.O.B. cupcakes...and they were easy to make!Just look at B.O.B.'s eye to see what I mean.

    Monsters vs Aliens Party Supplies

    If you are looking for some of the party supplies that are now available take a look at our pictures! Did you know that this basic party pack for up to 8 party guests start at only 19.99? Look at those face masks...they are too are going to have a lot of fun using Monsters vs Aliens as your kids party theme!

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