Monsters vs Aliens Party Ideas

Monsters vs Aliens party ideas are really popular right now. There are lots of great party supplies with Monsters vs Aliens on them. Do you know the story? Well, Susan Murphy is late for her wedding and then gets a meteor. It has a strange effect on her...she grows to be 49 feet and 11 inches tall. She is given the name "Ginormica" and called a monster.

Susan is detained and brought to a secret government holding compound. She discovers other "monsters" there.

The Monsters are:

  • Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.
  • The Missing Link
  • B.O.B.
  • Insectosaurus

  • Each member of this monster cast is a take off on an old monster movie...
  • Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
  • The Fly
  • Creature From The Black Lagoon
  • The Blob
  • Mothra

  • When Aliens land on Earth and want to take over the planet, the government decides to let the "Monsters" fight the Aliens.

    I am not going to tell you how the movie ends...but I can help you out with some fun Monsters vs Aliens party tips.

    Monsters vs Aliens Party Games

    When you are entertaining kids at a party you need some fun party games. Monsters vs Aliens Party Ideas have to include a couple fun game ideas. How about Pin the Eye on B.O.B.! Another fun party game is a just fill it with goodies and let the children strike the pinata or, if you have a pull string variety, pull on the strings until the special one breaks the pinata open. The candy and treats all spill out and the kids have a field day gathering them up.

    Make some one eyed cupcakes. It is easy to make B.O.B. cupcakes...just use some blue frosting and you can make an eye out of a marshmallow and a chocolate chip.

    Set your party room with Monsters vs Aliens partyware...plates, cups and napkins. Find some stickers to hand out as a party favor and get something fun as a game prize.

    It's easy to entertain kids with such a popular theme and it's fun to create your own unique party ideas. Make sure to pay attention while you watch the movie and you are sure to see some party ideas no one else will think of.

    There are Monsters vs Aliens face masks you can hand out to your little guests. Imagine the thrill on their faces when they see them!

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